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Roundtable Discussion | Favorite Things about GABF

Roundtable Discussion | Favorite Things about GABF

It’s Great American Beer Festival week! This is our favorite time of year. Clearly you can see why.

Since all of us get super excited in the presence of good beer, Tristan asked the staff who was attending this year and what they were looking forward to most?

Chris Holland

 My favorite aspect of GABF week is getting the chance to experience new brews with Sylvia as well as family and friends. I like meeting new people who come together for a wonderful gathering that we all love. What am I looking forward to? Hmm, anyone have the pour list for Founders? CBS possible? Haha.

Brady Akers

I really like getting to the various events around town. I love getting to rub elbows with the beer world rockstars at Freshcraft and Falling Rock, rocking out to brewer karaoke at Star Bar and laughing my ass off at Offensively Delicious. So many people are as passionate about beer as I am so it’s easy to find a good conversation and possibly a new friend.

Cory Pelc

I’m excited to finally attend the What the Funk? Invitational showcasing barrel aged beers. Plan on doing Illegal Pete’s burrito before and after the Thursday session on the floor. Hoping to make a beer dinner or two. DENVER RARE BEER TASTING that benefits Pints for Prostates every year is probably at the top of my list.

Chris Day

I’m excited to see all the rare and exotic beers that will temporarily be available in Denver.

KC Dunstan

I like that even though there are a zillion people attending and a few blockbuster lines, you can basically walk up to almost any table and have a well-made beer in your hand without waiting more than a few seconds. It can be a rare thing at beer fests, especially ones as popular as GABF.

John Amantea

I haven’t gone before, and sadly that streak continues this year, but one thing I’d really be excited about is to experience the magnitude of it all. All the best beer from my favorite breweries and even those that I haven’t had yet all in one place? What’s taken me so long?!

K.C. Cunilio

I like tuning into the GABF award ceremony to see who placed in each category, and how great it feels to see a certain beer or brewery get recognized for its excellence!

Brady Akers

The awards are awesome to go to live. It’s such a great celebration of the industry and the accomplishments, both personal and industry wide

Sylvia Hollands

I am excited for all of the people who rally together during the weekend. New , old, close and far friends. The great beers of course – So. Many. Interested in trying new breweries we’ve reached out to. Hearing their descriptors of beers has me enticed. The events will be a plus. Overall, I’m plain out overjoyed the the time has finally come. We’ve waited all year! ?

Jess Baker

I’m excited that though John, Josh and I can’t be there, we’ll be doing a get together at Red Brick Brewing‘s 22nd Anniversary Bash. #prayforatlanta #bratpack

Josh Ritenour

Horseshit! #DenverSucks 😛

John Pylant

^ Epic and true!

Holly Gerand

GABF week feels almost like a Christmas for beer nerds. The city comes alive with folks in town representing their breweries and there are so many great events! I love going to GABF and seeking out breweries I haven’t tried yet because I always love trying new things! I also love to represent the local home town breweries by stopping by their booths and saying hi.

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