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2018 GABF Route Guide | Funk, Sours & Wilds Route

GABF Route Preview 2018

For the past month and a half, our staff has been reaching out to every brewery attending the Great American Beer Festival to try to preview what they’ll be bringing to the fest. As part of that research, we’ve sifted through that list of beers to bring you a series of themed routes to help you plan for your GABF based on various styles and flavors.


2018 GABF Routes:


We kicked things off with a preview of the Big Beers Route. Now explore some of the most intriguing wild, spontaneous, mixed fermentation, and sour beers that we know will be pouring at GABF. So pucker up, and roll out the TUMS because this route is a doozy.


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Molly's Spirits
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Funk, Wilds, Sours


2SP Brewing

Antonym Farmhouse Ale – Bronze, GABF 2016. Super refreshing and crisp Grisette that’s dry, grassy, slightly hoppy and slightly funky.


Allagash Brewing

FV13 – FV13 originates as a Belgian-style golden ale. After fermentation in stainless steel with our house yeast, it is transferred to a 2,700 gallon French oak foudre where it is aged for four years on a blend of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria.


Almanac Beer

Raspberry Sunshine – Sour blonde ale aged in wine barrels with raspberries and spices.


Arrowood Farms

Farmhouse Table Beer – Mixed culture saison aged in chardonnay barrels. Brewed with Arrowood Farms grown Cascade hops.


Arts District Brewing

Aurora Persica – Stunning soft peach aromas bring to mind freshly harvested fruit, with a nectar-like mouthfeel and layers of earthen must. These barrels were aged 18 months as Brettanomyces Bruxellensis var. Drei takes extensive time to produce its unique aromatics, with dried peach added during the process to introduce a burst of freshness.


Avery Brewing

Scarlata Cucumis, Oak Barrel-Aged Ale Cucumber and Hibiscus Ale – What do you get when you blend a cucumber, oak barrels and tropical flowers? Other than a night you soon won’t forget you’ll get this vibrant sour ale that tickles your senses and puckers your flavor hole with a tart and crisp finish.


Baere Brewing

Baere-liner Weisse – Our flagship sour ale. Quick soured and mixed-culture fermented in stainless.


Bayou Teche Brewing

Fried Green Tomato – Sour Ale Brewed with tons of fresh green tomatoes.


Beachwood Blendery

Funk Yeah – Gueuze-inspired Sour Ale


Bell’s Brewery

The Wild One – The Wild One begins, not as a single beer, but distinct batches fermented in wooden foeders each with its own array of flavors. Our brewers sample and blend to taste, resulting in a refreshing brown ale with a tartness buoyed by fragrant aromas of ripe red raspberry, cherry, apple and a bit of funk from Brettanomyces yeast.


Bhramari Brewing Company

Rhymes w/ Purple – Berliner Weisse Style Ale w/ Boysenberry, Elderberry, Black Currant, Raspberry, Blackberry, & Blueberry.


Big Alice Brewing

Mojito Sour – Sour Ale with Mint and Lime aged in Rum Barrels


Blue Owl Brewing

Van Dayum! – Our dry-hopped red ale showcases how rich malt balances piney American hop flavors.

Molly's Spirits
Be sure to visit Molly’s Spirits for your GABF week special bottle and can releases.


Bottle Logic Brewing

Stealth Mode – Tart Wheat ale finished with hundreds of pounds of blueberries.


The Bruery Terreux

Ngongo – We teamed with our friends at New Zealand-based Garage Project for this refreshing oak foeder-aged saison as part of our Foeders with Friends series. Called Ngongo, this saison features lemon balm, chamomile and New Zealand wildflower honey.


Calicraft Brewing

Guava Trees – Sparkling Wheat ale made with guava puree, Pinot Gris juice and fermented with wine yeast. Bright and aromatic nose with soft and sprity mouth feel.


Calusa Brewing

Foederhead Tart Saison, with light funk and oak. Foeder fermented beer takes time, planning and scheming… Foeder Goblin approves!


Cape May Brewing

Temporarily Permanent – Tart, funky, and fruity, Temporarily Permanent is a Golden Sour Ale aged on fresh mango and apricot puree. Mellowed in the barrel for more than twenty months before being conditioned on the fruit for a year, leaving behind a hint of sweetness.


The Collective Brewing Project

Cup O Beer – Ramen beer with lime, ginger, lemongrass & seaweed cured sea salt.

S.L.O.W. – Wood Folk with Smoked Salt, Lime, and Blood Orange. S.L.O.W. (Salt, Lime, Orange, Wood).


Commonwealth Brewing

Villuminati – Yuzu and Bangkok Green Tea Gose inspired by the bangin Villuminati cocktail created by our friends at Saison RVA! Made with zest, juice and purée for big yuzu flavors while the tea weaves in layers of lemongrass, vanilla, coconut and ginger!


Crooked Stave Artisan Ales

Nightmare on Brett – Dark Sour Ale Aged in Leopold Bros Whiskey Barrels


Divine Barrel

Zest Intentions – Sour Belgian Wit – A kettle-soured witbier that we added the juice and zest from 160 lbs of lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit to. Expect a classic Witbier base with a clean and balanced tartness

Firestone Walker

Pixie Dusted – We by chance landed in the arms of Friend’s Ranches of Ojai, who offered us the beautifully grown Pixie Tangerine. By adding the juice and zest from the tangerines to the Publican’s proprietary barrel blend, we have created a liquid expression of an idea.


Forager Brewing

Gummies Make Us LIkeable – Imperial Berliner weisse passion fruit, mango & pink guava.


Hermitage Brewing

Ophion – This golden, strong, farmhouse sour packs a punch. We dry hopped and fermented it in our virgin oak foeder for 6 months. Our house wild yeast layers in fresh notes of juicy pineapple, grapefruit and tropical fruit with a slightly tart and sour finish.


Hi-Wire Brewing

Blueberry Sour – Hi-Wire Brewing’s award-winning Sour Blonde takes an extended rest in oak barrels on blueberries, 14.5 months to be exact, to create this Blueberry Sour. Bright notes of pomegranate, blueberry tea, & brett build a well-balanced sourness.


IMBIB Custom Brews

Triad – Blend of 1,2, and 3 year old lambic-style beers using similar techniques to traditional lambic brewers.


J Wakefield

Haterade – Here’s a little something to quench your thirst… Our fruit punch inspired Florida Weisse infused with a variety of fruits.


Jessup Family Farms

Fancy Pants – Dry-hopped, oak barrel-aged Brett IPA


La Cumbre

Pina Quercus – Rustic, sour, pineapple, tequila and light oak. Together, they are greater than the sum of their parts, creating a strong, yet light, bone-dry, quenching ale to ponder during summer.


Little Machine

Razz Against the Machine – Tart, fruit-forward start and a crisp finish, with just enough zing in between.


Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

Spontane Wilde – Spontaneous beer aged in oak for 1-2 years.

Suburban Kriek – Flander’s Red aged in former Pinot Noir barrels, as well as American oak barrels that previously held imperial stout with cherries.


2018 GABF Routes:


Molly's Spirits
Be sure to visit Molly’s Spirits for your GABF week special bottle and can releases.


Loveland Aleworks

American Sour Ale w/Guava –  Our Flagship kettle sour with a hefty dose of guava puree. Tropical funky guava combines with tart lactic sour for an exceptional fruit sour. Also pouring at the Heavy Medal Booth.


MadTree Brewing

Limb From Limb – Farmhouse Ale with Blackberries added. The beer was then aged in Sherry butts with Brettanomyces, L. brevis, and Pediococcus.


Modern Times The Dankness Dojo

The Fruitening Pt. 2 – Part Two of our collaborative effort with Mike Tonsmiere began with the same glorious barrel-aged blend used in Part One, but this time it received a heavy-handed dosing of plums, boysenberries, and blueberries.


Monday Night Brewing

Mischief Managed – Peach – This Berliner is aged in Sauvignon blanc barrels on fresh Jaemor Farms peaches. Tart, crisp and clean, this ale is refreshingly dry.

New Glarus

Champ Rouge – Our fruited sour was spontaneously fermented in our coolship and blended with New York Rougeon grapes.


Oozlefinch Brewing

Departed Days Anniversary Blend – Aged in chardonnay barrels with a huge mix of yeasties and beasties.


Orpheus Brewing

Everything Lasts Forever – Methode Traditionnelle 3 Year Blend, blend of 1, 2 and 3 year old spontaneously barrel-fermented coolship beers brewed using traditional lambic process.


Our Mutual Friend Brewing

Saison Trystero – Brett Saison. Winner of 2017 GABF silver and 2018 World Beer Cup gold. Available at the Heavy Medals booth.


PFriem Family Brewers

Oude Kriek – Adding fresh, Hood River cherries to our Lambic-inspired ale makes us happy, but ten months later, flavors of cherry pie and the dry, tangy finish are even more satisfying.


The Rare Barrel

BBA Home Sour Home – Golden sour beer aged in bourbon barrels with peaches, cinnamon, and vanilla bean


Ratio Beerworks

Major Nights Lime Gose – This mildly tart, mildly salty, traditional German-style wheat beer received a dry hopped addition of nearly 400 hand zested limes. Major Nights is an explosion of unique savory flavors brought on by the use of coriander and red gold Hawaiian sea salt.


Rhinegeist Brewery

Guava Dodo – Infused with guava juice, this gose matches fruity notes of melon with a medium tartness for a refreshing late summer brew.

Molly's Spirits
Be sure to visit Molly’s Spirits for your GABF week special bottle and can releases.

Russian River Brewing

Beatification – This beer is very unique and inspired by breweries in the Lambic region of Belgium and, especially, our friends at Cantillon. It is 100% spontaneously fermented, meaning yeast is not added. Once the beer is brewed, it is transferred to a cool-ship or “horny” tank located in our barrel room at the pub. There it sits overnight and collects whatever funky wild yeast and bacteria may be living in the room. The next day it is transferred to oak wine barrels where it ferments wildly and ages for a few months. The end result is a wild, spontaneously fermented, sour, and tasty hand-crafted beer!


Speciation Artisan Ales

Proglacial – Mixed fermented, tequila BA sour w/ passion fruit

Wine BA Magic Trait – Mixed fermented, wine BA sour w/ black currants and blackberries.


Strange Craft Beer

Cherry Kriek – Think cherry pie in a glass. This beer has so many tart pie cherries crammed into it, even the foamy head is red.


Sun King Brewing

Cherry Busey – Cherry Busey is a Flanders-style Oud Bruin Ale produced using a complex cocktail of wild yeasts and aged in a bevy of barrels. A multitude of Montmorency cherries were lovingly liberated to give the beer its tart cherry tang.


Telegraph Brewing

Obscura Vulpine – What goes into the wood as rich, malty, and ruby-colored, comes out a complex, sour, garnet ale. With notes of dried tart cherries, red currants, and oak, this is a beer as artful as our favorite forest canine.


Une Annee Brewery

Le Grand Monde 2018-1 – Barrel Aged American wild ale with black currants and vanilla beans.


Vista Brewing

Rosanna – Aged in freshly dumped wine barrels. This specific brew utilizes Brettanomyces Lambicus a strain known for its cherry-pie’d attributes and its similarity to Lambic nuances


WeldWerks Brewing

Spaghetti Gose – Kettle-soured wheat ale brewed with tomato puree, roasted tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh oregano, sea salt and spaghetti pasta.


Westbound & Down

Fruit Squad + Balaton Cherries


Wynkoop Brewing

Foudre Aged Sour Red -Red sour ale aged in Wynkoop’s new Slovenian Oak Foudres


2018 GABF Routes:


Molly's Spirits
Be sure to visit Molly’s Spirits for your GABF week special bottle and can releases.

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  1. Fiction Beer Company – American Golden Sour aged on Palisade Peaches. Our golden sour base has been maturing for over 18 months and tastes amazing. So JUST for GABF we took some base and aged it on fresh whole palisade peaches. A must try.

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