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Beer Shed Building Episode Two: Watch These Guys Turn a Shed into a Bike and Beer Shed

Parker Bohon
Ben Lolli

Feature image courtesy of Parker Bohon.

“What are we calling this episode?” asked Toby.

“What do you mean? It’s episode two,” I said.

“No, no. You called this shed something different. What was that? Beer bike shed?” Toby insisted.

“Oh yeah! Episode two, Bike & Beer Shed!”

Leigh and Abe, who the proud new owners of an excellent Bike and Beer Shed, are cycling enthusiasts. They also do not have a garage, which is why they need to continue to store their bikes in their shed. Since they also wanted their shed to double as an outdoor bar, we decided to have a little fun and do our best to make a bike-themed beer shed.

Bikes + Love

Bikes revolve around Leigh and Abe’s lives so much that they held their wedding in the Downtown Johnson City Trek Store not long ago. Chad Wolfe, the owner of that Trek, is a good friend of theirs. He was most willing to help on the build out and decorating of this shed.

Along with supplying us with the necessary and hard to come by bike parts (if you don’t work at a bike store that is), he also gave me with a wall display mount for mounting my bike wheel chandelier. I had no idea how to use it. I took it apart and discovered the thread on the base of the display would thread into the wheel axis, so I coupled that with a wireless string light and hello, independent spinning wheel light! This bit of luck helped us create arguably the coolest element inside the shed.

(Episode 1: Watch These Guys Repurpose an Old Shed into a Beer Shed)

Parker Bohon
(Left to right) Abe, Ben, Toby, Leigh (photo courtesy of Parker Bohon)
Parker Bohon
Inside Bike & Beer Shed  (photo courtesy of Parker Bohon)
Parker Bohon
Leigh and Abe opening their shed (photo courtesy of Parker Bohon)

If anyone watches this and decides that they too want to hang a bar with bike gears and chain, it is rather difficult to execute. Easily one of the more frustrating challenges we have had to deal with so far on a build-out, but it came out great! With all of the support from Chad and Trek, this shed transformed into the perfect, simple backyard party central, which also displays and stores bikes.

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