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Boys Are From Märzen Podcast | Natalya Watson Beer With Nat

Boys Are From Märzen Natalya Watson
Kindsey Bernhard

In Episode 26 of the “Boys Are From Märzen” podcast, Kindsey Bernhard is joined by Natalya Watson, founder of Virtual Beer School, an online course that helps people prepare for the Cicerone Certification Program’s Certified Beer Server and Certified Cicerone exam.

In addition to her Virtual Beer School, Watson is a published author of Beer: Taste the Evolution in 50 Styles. This book is an “exploration of one of the world’s oldest and most enduring drinks.”

Watson is also the host of the Beer With Nat podcast where she chats with other people who work in the craft beer industry. She has currently put the podcast on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Beer?

Watson calls it her “A. B. See” philosophy.

A: Achieve expertise. As a Beer Sommelier and Advanced Cicerone®, Natalya understands the value of these certifications in building confidence and credibility and is happy to support others at any stage in their journey.

B: Bring people together. From her earliest days exploring the beer scene in New York City, to meeting the Crafty Beer Girls in London, to tastings, trainings, beer festivals or even just a pint at the pub with pals, beer brings people together. And connecting over a shared passion allows us to realize were all much more alike than we are different.

SEE: See the world. From America to England, Belgium to Germany, beer is global and the best way to understand most beer styles is to seek them out at their source. Following her passion for beer has led Natalya from local brewpubs to behemoth breweries; from the underground cellars in Pilsen to beer gardens in Munich and the cafes in Belgium. Want to see the world? Let beer be your guide.

Photo Courtesy of Natalya Watson

In this episode, Kindsey and Natalya discuss what led her from studying microbiology to her start in the beer industry and why she is so passionate about educating others about beer.

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