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Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day Celebrates International Women’s Day

Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day Celebrates International Women’s Day

Each year women from all over the world participate in Pink Boots Society’s annual Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day in celebration of International Women’s Day. I sat down with President Laura Ulrich to learn more about this year’s event.

Laura Ulrich, President of Pink Boots Society
Laura Ulrich, President of Pink Boots Society

What is the history behind Pink Boots participation in International Women’s Day?

Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day was born from our members’ desire to take part in International Women’s Day (IWD), March 8, by raising the profile of women’s roles in the beer industry. Chapters and members of Pink Boots Society get together along with supporting breweries and individuals, put on their pink boots and brew their version of the selected beer style. Pink Boots Society receives proceeds from sales of this collaboration brew, which it applies to educational scholarships for its members.

In past years, collaborations across the globe focused on a specific beer style. This year event has a different focus. Why the change and what is the special focus for 2018?

We had an amazing opportunity presented to us thanks to Kelly Lohremeyer of YCH hops on doing the Hop Blend during GABF. Our members who attended the meeting had a hands-on aspect of what the blend would be, and because of that, it was a win-win for Pink Boots Society. Our members had a chance to learn how to rub hops and go through a wide assortment that Kelly had brought. From their notes, we had taken the favorites and created the blend. When YCH approached us and offered to sell the hops and provide a portion of the sale back to Pink Boots Society, we couldn’t say no.

How did the partnership with YCH Hops come about?

Kelly Lohremeyer is the YCH Regional Sales Manager and a Pink Boots Society member pitched it to her company, and they were all for it. When she approached us at Pink Boots Society again, we couldn’t say no. How cools is it to have a HOP blend! It’s rad.

Explain a little bit more about how Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day benefits women in the beer industry?

ANY collaboration brew day benefits women in the beer industry. The increased visibility, however, of this particular event helps to showcase the myriad women who are interested in or involved in the brewing industry. It’s important to remember that we all belong in beer. The community that is built surrounding the basic values of collaboration and inquiry are also tantamount to our mission of education. When we all share what we know and learn together, we increase communication, develop deeper relationships with our colleagues, consumers, and peers. Women in the brewhouses create different dynamics and opportunities for creativity and growth. In sharing our knowledge, we increase the number of educated folks. Education benefits everyone; it is not only the cornerstone of our society, but it also creates understanding and empathy – values that extend beyond the brewery.

Finally, how do readers find these unique brews in their area?

Each participating brewery will post the beer release via social media and event will be posted to our events page.

Membership to Pink Boots Society is open to all women with roles in the industry.

The Pink Boots Society was created to assist, inspire and encourage women beer industry professionals to advance their careers through education.

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