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Introducing the Boys Are From Märzen Podcast | Kaitlyn Colberg West Sixth Brewing

Boys Are From Märzen Podcast
Kindsey Bernhard

If you haven’t heard the Boys Are From Märzen podcast hosted by me, Kindsey Bernhard, is joining the PorchCast Podcast Network!

I started the Boys Are From Märzen podcast in July because, like many of you, I got very bored during the quarantine. And due to COVID-19, I had some more free time on my hands to start a podcast that highlighted some of the talented women who work in the craft beer industry in all shapes and forms. I just recorded my 20th episode (stay tuned) and I have interviewed brewery owners, brewers, social media influencers, journalists, educators, etc.

I have worked in the craft beer industry since September 2018 and quickly noticed that although there are women who work in the industry, we are greatly outnumbered by men. What I hope through this podcast and my interviews, when people think of craft beer, they don’t just think of a white man with a beard wearing flannel. They think of women; black women, trans-women, Latino women, all women of all backgrounds. I also hope my podcasts encourages other women to pursue a career in craft beer because there is room for all of us. I promise you that.

Through all my podcasts I have learned so much from the women I have talked to. I have learned so much about beer and the industry, but I have also learned that this industry still has ways to go to better diversify it.

With that being said, I want to say thank you to PorchDrinking and Tristan Chan for giving me this opportunity of joining the PorchCast Podcast Network!

Although I have recorded 18 previous podcasts, which I hope you go back and listen to, my first podcast on the PorchCast Network is with Kaitlyn Colberg of West Sixth Brewing NuLu.


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West Sixth Brewing opened in Lexington, KY in 2012 and has since opened three other locations in Kentucky. Their latest expansion is in Louisville in the NuLu neighborhood. Colberg had been with West Sixth in Lexington for many years and they trusted her to take on the role of managing the NuLu location. West Sixth had planned to open their fourth location in late spring, but we all know what happened, so West Sixth NuLu officially opened in October.

Colberg joined me to discuss opening the NuLu location during a pandemic and all things West Sixth Brewing.

Like what you’re hearing and want to support Boys Are From Märzen? We are looking for new sponsors to join the PorchCast family. If you are interested in sponsoring the podcast please reach out to kindsebernhard13 {at} gmail {dot} com!

All episodes are available on Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts!

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