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Boys Are From Märzen Podcast | Eugenia Brown ‘Black Beer Chick’

‎Boys Are From Märzen Ep. 32 Eugenia Brown 'Beer Chick'
Kindsey Bernhard

In Episode 32 of the “Boys Are From Märzen” podcast, Kindsey Bernhard is joined with Eugenia Brown, founder of Beer Chick, LLC.

The Charlotte resident has turned her love of craft beer into helping other women of color who want to work in the beer industry through her Road to 100 initiative.

Brown got into craft beer when she was living in Greensboro, NC. She remembers drinking a beer that wasn’t the normal light lager at Natty Greene’s Brewing Company, that changed everything for her.

After moving to Charlotte, she started visiting all the local craft breweries quickly fell in love with everything about craft beer. While Brown was visiting these breweries, she became enamored with the science and beer and wanted to learn more.

Brown founded Black Beer Chick as a way to help her and other women of color learn about craft beer. Through Beer Chick she launched the Road to 50 initiative to help 50 women become Cicerone Certified Beer Servers (Level 1 Cicerone). It quickly became Road to 100 due to the level of interest. Through the initiative she offers a scholarship to help women become a Certified Cicerone (Level 2).

One of the important parts of her Road to 100 initiative is helping women get a job in the craft beer industry, one that can be difficult to break into. Her mantra “More Bridges, Less Barriers” inspires her and other women to continue to fight for their worth in craft beer and society in general.

Brown is a part-time bartender at Free Range Brewing in Charlotte while she continues her journey in beer. That beer journey includes beer collaborations with breweries in North Carolina and across the country. So, be on the lookout for a Black Beer Chick beer on your local retail shelf!

Eugenia Brown joins me to discuss Black Beer Chick and starting her brand, the Road to 100 initiative, helping women of color to break into the craft beer industry, why she struggles with quitting the beer industry and much more!

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