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Resident Culture Brewing Co. | Riding For The Feeling Italian Pilsner

Resident Culture Riding For The Feeling
Jason Murphy

Founded in 2017, Charlotte, NC-based Resident Culture Brewing Company has a genuine appreciation for assertive, hop-forward styles and strives to accentuate the character and quality of a farmer’s harvest.


Amassing Accolades

Resident Culture celebrates the concepts of subtlety and nuance, particularly with regards to Lager beer, mixed culture and spontaneous offerings.

Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine named Resident Culture’s Static God one of its top 20 beers of 2021. Their beer called Ego Death won best Specialty Strong Porter and Stout in 2023, following their Sympathetic win for best Wild Beer Mixed Culture and Best of Show at the 2021 Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beers (FoBAB). They also garnered a Top 10 new brewery award from RateBeer as well.

Your Weird is Welcome

At Resident Culture, it’s not just about the awards and hardware. It goes well beyond that, as they put a high value on the relationships and family culture they have cultivated. Their motto is, “Your Weird Is Welcome”, and they are proud to have an incredibly tight-knit crew. “All of our crew play an important role in making this place our home,” noted Razia Gonzalez, the director of marketing for Resident Culture.

“At the end of the day, it’s beer that we make, but it’s our community and the taking care of each other that makes the foundation we’re built upon,” said Razia.

Riding for the Feeling

One such beer from Resident Culture that we’re quite fond of is Riding For The Feeling. A wonderfully crafted Italian style Pilsner that utilizes three noble hop varieties. Saphir, Hallertau Mittelfruh and Hersbrucker are the hops used, and they’re all sourced from Germany.

Chris Tropeano, co-founder and director of brewing operations, is a big fan of musician Bill Callahan. Riding For The Feeling is named after one of his favorite songs. “While there’s no real relation to the beer, he liked the feeling it evoked and spoke to his passion for travel and enjoying the journey rather than the destination,” noted Razia. In another sense, it refers to a desire to keep moving and looking forward.

Image provided by Resident Culture Brewing Company


Riding For The Feeling is very light, crisp and refreshing! The noble hops create notes of floral and citrus with a hint of spice. The floral profile comes at you up front and lingers just before giving way to the refreshing citrus zest. It has an overall clean profile that ends with a bit of a dry finish. Textbook Italian-style Pilsner if you ask us.

“Our team is a big fan of Riding For The Feeling, but it’s also Chris Tropeano’s personal favorite and one of the brews he’s most proud of,” said Razia. It’s a beer that combines two categories that Resident Culture excels at, hop forward IPAs and crisp Lagers/Pilsners. Razia stated they also get to really loudly showcase the incredible hops they get to source directly from Seitz Farm.

Seitz Farm is a whole other story of its own, but it’s a beautiful farmstead nestled amidst the rolling hills of Hallertau. The more than 600-year-old farmstead is still owned and operated by the Seitz family, who are fourth generation hop growers.

If you find yourself near Charlotte, be sure to go check out Resident Culture. You’ll be sure to have a great time, feel welcome and enjoy some of the best beer the east coast has to offer!

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