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About- Caroline Briggs

Caroline Briggs

Caroline Briggs

Caroline is Colorado proud, even during her stint at Miami University in Ohio, especially the first time she ever tried a (blah) Nattie Lite or Milwaukee's Beast. A writer by trade and a critic by nature, honesty is her weapon and her downfall. She loves to make you uncomfortable with her humor and to drink you under the table. Favorite activities include: drinking while tubing, drinking while snowboarding, drinking while porching, drinking while eating, drinking at the park, drinking at a party, drinking while cruising (on a bike), and soaking in the ColoRADical sun. Cheers!

Posts By Caroline Briggs

Odell Brewing Company- Fort Collins, CO

October 3, 2012 |

One overcast September day, Odell Brewing harkened me to the Mecca of craft brewing, Fort Collins, for a few cozy tasters in their amazing taproom. As Lee Holliday and the Time Off crooned scintillating blues for the live music night, I admired the walls, embellished with huge rich oil paintings of their highly recognized and highly revered microbrews: Cut Throat Porter, Easy Street Wheat, Levity Amber, IPA, and of coarse 90 Shilling.
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Cisco Brewers – Whale’s Tale Pale Ale

July 26, 2012 |

Whale’s Tale Pale Ale – Cisco Brewers Nantucket, MA

ABV: 5.6%

IBU: 35

There is a certain amount of pomp and circumstance that comes with ordering … Read More