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About- Charlie Turner

Charlie Turner

Charlie Turner

Charlie and Tristan almost got kicked out of college together… not really but kinda. This earliest trend of debauchery should have been a warning to the world of what this duo is capable of.

Posts By Charlie Turner

News: Week in Review

July 22, 2012 |

Zimmerman Interviews with Sean Hannity

On Wednesday, douchebag hack newsman Sean Hannity scored the first interview with George Zimmerman. During the interview, Zimmerman, in a moment that exposed himself as … Read More

Southern Tier Brewing Co. | Back Burner Imperial Barley Wine Style Ale

July 3, 2012 |

ABV: 9.6% | IBU: 53

Southern Tier calls Back Burner an “imperial barley wine style ale.” As it turns out, barley wine is not something hobbits drink. I know, I feel completely betrayed too. It took me, like, a half an hour to get my Frodo costume together. It is, however, a super tasty beer with a respectable alcohol content. Read More

News: Week in Review

July 1, 2012 |

Mississippians finally get to drink decent beer

At long last, our beer-imbibing brethren in Mississippi will be able to legally sip on glasses of Chimay Blue, Delirium Tremens, and Pliny … Read More

Dark Horse Brewing Company | Tres Blueberry Stout

June 29, 2012 |

ABV: 7.5% | IBU: N/A

I’m pretty skeptical of anything boasting an added fruit flavor. 9 out of 10, times it turns out to be a gimmicky mix of artificial tastes and colors—ultimately tasting nothing like the actual fruit. Fortunately, this is not one of those cases. As it turns out, Dark Horse Brewing Co. has put together an exceptional stout that balances a fantastic blueberry nose with dark, rich flavor. Read More