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#GRiZ Archives –

Ultimate 6er | College Collaborations Perfect for March Madness 2020

March 11, 2020 |

With Selection Sunday coming up on March 15, March Madness 2020 will soon be in full effect. As more and more colleges are teaming up with local breweries to create school specific brews, this March Madness Ultimate 6er features six beers from universities (and breweries) we’ll likely see playing in the coming weeks. Read More

Denver Musician and Producer GRiZ Creates Beer with Great Divide Brewing Co.

August 31, 2017 |

After partnering with Colorado’s Native Roots dispensary chain to create an award-winning marijuana strain, it’s no surprise Colorado musician GRiZ recently collaborated with Great Divide Brewing Company on another popular libation – craft beer. On Wednesday Aug 30, GRiZ and Great Divide bring you Chasing the Golden Hour, a Colette Farmhouse Ale base┬áthat’s been layered with copious amounts of fresh Colorado peaches. Chasing The Golden Hour is also the title of GRiZ’s latest mixtape album release. Both the music and beer are meant to capture the carefree good vibes during a sunset on a perfect summer evening.

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