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Parks and Rec Archives –

Halloween Beer Treat | Interboro Spirits and Ales Parks and Wreck

October 16, 2020 |

Who gets overly excited when the bulk candy starts showing up in stores pre-Halloween? Having a Scrooge McDuck-sized supply of two-piece Starburst snack packs to brighten up your day every 10 minutes for a few months is just swell. It seems these days that the number of trick-or-treat candy options at your supermarket mirrors the plentiful supply of candy-inspired sours at your local bottle shop. There’s been a rise in kettle Sours, fruited Pilsner malts, and juice box beers that would make Ecto Cooler’s Slimer aghast with their color and ingredient list. One recent entry into the fruity fray is Interboro Spirits and Ales Parks and Wreck. Read More

Pop Culture Memories That Might Not Be Real

January 8, 2015 | 3

On New Year’s Eve, I got home around the same time as my roommate. We chatted about the night as we ate grilled cheese and I was telling him about this Parks and Recreation video I saw on Facebook. “It was pretty funny,” I said.  “Leslie was just slapping Jamm over and over again.” But when I looked through Facebook to try to find the clip, I couldn’t. I looked through my feed 4 times. What kind of sorcery was this?  Did I make this up?  Did I accidentally write a really funny Parks and Rec episode, one year too late? Read More