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PorchDrinking Playlist: Songs White People Love

white people dancing

There are certain songs that, to put in bluntly, white people absolutely love. Not to be racist or anything… well, maybe a tad racist. These songs are so completely catchy, dance-y and universally beloved by white people, that one could simply walk into any bar, throw down a few bucks into the jukebox, select any of these songs and within no time, you’ll have a crowd singing off-key, awkwardly dancing, high-fiving and embracing each other shoulder to shoulder, as if they had just won the World Cup… or got free coffee at Starbucks. Oh, and if you were to bust out this list at a wedding… well, it’s just over. So without further ado, here’s our PorchDrinking Playlist for Songs White People Love! Hold me closer, Tony Danza!


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  1. Drew

    Yep. Love ’em all. Not ashamed.
    -The whitest guy ever.

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