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Beerstagrams 3/15- 3/22

Beerstagrams 3/15- 3/22
Lizzie Bourque

It is here again: March Madness. For many reasons this description is accurate. All of a sudden a basketball team you’ve never followed or cared about can cause you to rip out your hair and curse loudly in your office while your co-workers roll their eyes at you. A spark of competition in even the most unlikely contestants arises when they realize they have just as good of a chance of winning the office pool by picking their favorite mascots. But it is also a time, like so many other festive occasions, where people come together to drink beer. And hopefully good beer at that! This week features some stunner close-ups from Lara and David Brainer-Banker. Play close attention though- all is not as it first appears 🙂 Instagrammer craftbeerindychick also shows us an example of the proper way to watch the NCAA tournament (that is, 3 screens and an IPA in hand). So may the best- or in some cases, just luckiest- team win, and hope you have a few cold ones ready for when that #12 overthrows the #5 that you picked. It will ease the pain, and you will probably keep more of your hair.



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