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Presidential Election Playlist

Presidential Election Playlist

I typically reserve Amurrrcuhhh the Playlist for my favorite holiday, Amurrrcuhhh Day. Oh you don’t follow? July 4th. But only every four years do we have the right to elect our President of the United States, and what’s more Amurrrcan than that? Look I realize that many folks have become jaded by all of the ads, attacks, lines, and even politics of this and more recent elections. But lets remember that our founding fathers and mothers fought to bring us all equality in the right to vote. So I remind you to do your part, and exercise that right. Make history count, because your vote certainly does.

As for the playlist itself, we have the truly patriotic, we have artists repping the left and the right, and we’ve counting our American women, as well as our youth. And of course no election playlist would be complete without the triumphant party hosted by the one, the only, Miley Cyrus. But in the end Ray Charles takes it home with my favorite all-American tune!

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