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PorchDrinking Playlist | Grill Greatness

June 27, 2017 |

Summer is officially here which means that the sky is out, thighs are out and dad bods draped in RompHims have officially taken up residence at the grill. As Ron Swanson once pointed out, “since mankind first set meat atop fire, it has been perfect.”  If you too share this sentiment and are hoping to take your flame game up a notch this holiday weekend, you’ve come to the right par-tay. Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | America the Playlist

July 1, 2015 | 2

I love America, and I love Amurrrcuhhh Day aka July 4 aka Independence Day.  There’s nothing like burgers on the grill, a cold beer in hand and the soulful tunes of the stars and stripes.  So as we gear up for this Independence Day, I bring you America the Playlist to help spangle your stars, and kick off that party in the U.S.A.

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Pop Culture Week In Review: June 28 – July 4

July 4, 2014 |

Happy Birthday, ‘Murcia! It’s July 4th, and to help celebrate your independence from high taxes, a farce of a representative government and a society ruled by the rich elite (…wait), catch up on this week’s pop culture happens so you can uncomfortably discuss wuddup with drunk people as you grill! CUZ ‘MURICCAAAAA!

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Red, White & Brew | An Independence Day Ultimate 6er

July 3, 2014 |

The American celebration of Independence Day is upon us. It is a weekend of fireworks and flag shorts. Koozie factories across the nation are working overtime this week. Hot dog farms are at capacity. What better time, I wonder, to drink a good beer? There isn’t! And I know you PorchDrinkers hate to come unprepared, so I’ve brainstormed my best suggestions for the perfect Independence Day six pack. Drink up!

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Roundtable Discussion | 4th of July

July 2, 2014 |

We asked the PorchDrinking staff for their favorite things about this all-American holiday. Have fun and stay safe celebrating this weekend y’all! Read More

Thunderhead Brewing Company – Cropduster

August 21, 2013 |

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 65

Remember when I told you that for Christmas my mom bought my dad a craft beer subscription, and that every 3 months he gets a 12 pack with four different beers? Well it turns out it was kind of a gift for me too, because this is the 2nd one I’ve had the chance to review. Thunderhead Brewing Company Cropduster is a Mid-American IPA out of Kearney, Nebraska. While the name may not be the most flattering, it certainly makes sense coming from the heart of the U.S. agriculture sector. Read More

Mt. Carmel Brewing Company – Summer Wheat Ale

July 30, 2013 |

ABV: 4.8%

IBUs: 34

Tonight I went grocery shopping for the first time in, oh, about six weeks. Yeah, I was living on pasta and eggs. Better than ramen I guess. Anyway, I saw a beer on the shelf I hadn’t ever noticed before, Mt. Carmel‘s Summer Wheat Ale. With it being the heart of the summer, I decided to pick it up. Read More

Presidential Election Playlist

November 6, 2012 |

I typically reserve Amurrrcuhhh the Playlist for my favorite holiday, Amurrrcuhhh Day. Oh you don’t follow? July 4th. But only every four years do we have the right to elect our President of the United States, and what’s more Amurrrcan than that? Look I realize that many folks have become jaded by all of the ads, attacks, lines, and even politics of this and more recent elections. But lets remember that our founding fathers and mothers fought to bring us all equality in the right to vote. So I remind you to do your part, and exercise that right. Make history count, because your vote certainly does.

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