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Thunderhead Brewing Company – Cropduster

Thunderhead Brewing Company – Cropduster
Lindsay Krumel

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 65

Remember when I told you that for Christmas my mom bought my dad a craft beer subscription, and that every 3 months he gets a 12 pack with four different beers? Well it turns out it was kind of a gift for me too, because this is the 2nd one I’ve had the chance to review. Thunderhead Brewing Company Cropduster is a Mid-American IPA out of Kearney, Nebraska. While the name may not be the most flattering, it certainly makes sense coming from the heart of the U.S. agriculture sector.

From the moment I opened the can I could smell the hops, always a good sign. And the flavor! The flavor is seriously intense. I mean, 65 IBUs out of a possible 100 or so is pretty bitter. But that bitterness is balanced by a malty finish. Cropduster pours a rich, golden color, and despite being a light beer, it’s fairly full-bodied, making it great for the transition from summer to fall. Although I wouldn’t recommend it for those new to IPAs, if you’re an aspiring hophead like myself, you should definitely give this beer a try! Unfortunately, you’re going to have to go to Nebraska to get it.

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