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Winter Warmer – Columbus Brewing Co.

columbus winter warmer
Ben Garbarek

ABV: 6.8%

Dark beers are the best part about winter.  Gone are the light beers there to quench our thirst in the summer.  Winter is about enjoying a nice pint with friends that makes you forget about how the weather outside is frightful.

There’s a reason this beer is called the “Winter Warmer”.  You can picture 19th century Brits drinking this beer in a dark London pub on a cold winter’s day.  It has a dark color and a strong flavor full of English malts that make you feel warm on the inside.  It also has a nice caramel flavor to it that smooths it out.

But this is exactly the kind of beer my girlfriend would pass back to me after one sip (not that I mind).  Beer lovers will appreciate the subtle flavors, but it’s a heavy beer that casual beer drinkers probably won’t enjoy.

If you’re in not-so-tropical Central Ohio this winter and are looking for a pint, I’d give a thumbs up to the Winter Warmer by the Columbus Brewing Company.  Plus CBC is in the heart of the Brewery District.  I can’t think of a cooler name for a neighborhood than that.

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