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PorchDrinking Gives Thanks for 2012

porch beers

It has been a crazy ride for us this past 6 months. In June of 2012 we set out to create a fun side project for our group of friends as an excuse to write again, and more importantly drink beer. What has transpired is a group of nearly 60 writers, editors, and staff members who have volunteered their time to create something truly amazing.

During those six months we’ve already had one complete overhaul of the look and feel of the site, been granted press passes to the Great American Beer Festival as well as a wealth of other events, we’ve made awesome friends in the beer industry, we’ve added tons of extremely talented staff members and we’ve gotten to know a lot of you! And while we’re usually a little snarky, and we normally don’t take ourselves to seriously, I would like to take this time to afford some graciousness and give a sappy thank you to those who have really showed us a tremendous amount of love and kindness along the way. So I sincerely thank you:

Local Denver Breweries: Strange, Copper Kettle, Renegade, Caution, River North, Vine Street, Crooked Stave, Great Divide, Wit’s End, Prost, Dry Dock, Hogshead, Bull and Bush, TRVE, Denver Beer Company, Our Mutual Friend, Black Shirt, Dad and Dude’s, Wynkoop, and Breckenridge.

Thank you for creating the welcoming, encouraging beer community that inspired us to start We also appreciate the amazing beer that you make and that love that you show to the community by giving back.

Avery Brewing Company


Thank you for including many of us in your wonderful festivals and for always welcoming us to your family. Also for not making us wear the dicktowel.

Denver Beer Festival

Thanks for granting us our first ever media passes for an event. It made us kinda feel like a big deal.

The Brewer’s Association

Thanks for including us in GABF this year and supporting us along the way. Barbara, Cori, Jode, and Jen you all rock!

Copper Kettle Brewing Company

Jeremy and Kristen, you all were our first brewery interview and we will always be grateful for that! Also thanks for this cute shout out on your site!  And for making some truly exciting beer!

Strange Brewing Company

Tim thanks for allowing us to interview you so early on and for taking the high road in a tough situation!  We love your experimental, fun brews.

New Belgium Brewing Company

This is where it all started for me. You all were my beer education when I moved out to Colorado. Thanks for the free samplers every Friday… you’ve created a monster. Also thanks for the bomb tours you all put on and for letting us shoot that really fun time lapse for GABF.

Country Boy Brewing 

Thanks for holding our first beer event and for showing us major love along the way. We a HUGE fans of your beers and we are so grateful for the kindess you all have shown along the way. Thanks for helping us raise $200 dollars for God’s Pantry Food Bank. We look forward to helping raise more awareness for craft beer in the Bluegrass.

Caution Brewing 

Danny and Betty, thanks for making fantastic beer especially thankful for the Asian inspired additions.  Also thanks for our GABF hallway exchange that was hilarious.  We also loved stopping by and a hope to see yall again soon!

Denver Off the Wagon

Thanks PJ and crew for showing us the ropes when we were first getting started. You all were extremely welcoming and helpful and we’re grateful for your awesome coverage!

Our New Beer Friends!

We’ve been extremely lucky to have met some other really cool beer friends along the way who also blog about beer! Thomas Kolicko of Crafting a Nation we’re really excited about your project and thankful to everyone who is helping with their kickstarter… they’ve got the same beer forward mindset we try to bring to readers every day and we support their efforts! Bitch Beer, we really enjoyed meeting you during GABF and for co-conspiring with us for several #overmilked antics. Lilly Sue’s Bites and Brews we loved hanging at Renegade and at the Hyatt and look forward to future events. Aaron Butzen’s Vittles and Brew we also loved meeting you at the Deschutes event and at Avery.  We are so excited to have contributors from two fantastic blogs as well!  Laura aka LVZ from Belgian Blond, and Lauren from NapaofBeer! And we’re excited to join forces with Justin Hatfield of the Denver Draughters Homebrewing Club.

Our Loyal Readers!

Cody Pittman thanks for spreading the PD word to South America, and Stew Meeker for bringing us to Qatar! Lizzie Bourque who is always on top of what we post, and Stumpy for spreading the word in Lexington.To KHoovs, Cougartown, NiCoCon when I link you, JBar, and many more. Thanks to everyone who has ever told me that you read the site it truly warms my heart every single time. No. Joke!

Beer Samples

Look we’re not above taking handouts and we’re so thankful for Stone Brewing, Founders, and Sun King for shipping us beer to try and showcase!  Who else would like to help fuel our craft?

Our Staff (Mostly inside jokes)

Kate Stark, thank you for being the coolest effing girl in the world. You always manage to know the answer for everything even before I ask it. If there is ever a reason that PD exists today it is equally because of you. Oh and thanks for having not killed me yet for my double spaced sentences. Still working on it.

Chris Knost, you a literally part of the matrix. I have no idea how you do any of the things you do, nor would I have the patience to deal with my bizarre requests. Thanks for your magical pro-ness.

Kathleen Morton, thanks for being you. Your quirky comments, rambling phone calls, and affinity toward bed skirts are what make PD hilarious and fun.

Scott Hoffman, thanks for being my Encarta for lists and music. And thanks for sharing your majestic midwest beers.

Philip Joyce, you are one of the greatest gingers that has ever lived. We are so thankful for you and all that you have done to help give us new life.

Will Dozier, thank you for being the Constable, for your brilliant photography, for Pizza Hut, for Ralling Fock, and for teaching me the ways of the world over a glass of Rumpkin that I shouldn’t be having. Your help during GABF was unparalleled and you RULE for that. You are the best sous chef anyone could ask for.

Lynn Thayer, thanks for joining us recently and I am so pumped for you to help us with editing and being our gluten/glutton free guru. Thanks for your pre-emptive bless you’s

Cat Fincun, thank you for being the social media mastermind that you are. One day I will make it up to you for keeping you awake by your computer until the break o dawn waiting for me to finalize tomorrow’s schedule. And thanks for showing up to the final day of GABF when you really probably shouldn’t have. What a trooper.

Vanessa Bauman, thanks for creating this identity for PD while you were in the midst of wedding planning that is so hardcore. And I really appreciate your patience.

Erin Horn, you have been CRUSHING graphics and they are amazing you rock little one!

Lindsay Krumel I am so thankful you reached out about writing with us. You have been one of the best additions we’ve ever had for beer posts and your themed sixers kick ass.

Coit Stevenson, you too have been crushing beer posts. They are so well written and thought out. Also thank you for busting out random bouts of Call Me Maybe dances, and for introducing the joker game to me.

Drew Troller, your posts have a 90% of making me a pee a little. I am so grateful for every one of your posts. And I am thankful for someone who gets as geeked on Star Wars related topics as I do.

CVM, thank you for sharing your mastery of pop culture with us, you have brought our WIRs to life. And thanks for not kicking me out of Program Board when you probably should’ve.

Nik Heimach, thanks for your thorough and well researched work. I have learned so much from your posts and I always look forward to them. Your coverage of the Gaza conflict was one of the most non-biased and insightful pieces of journalism I’ve read all year.

Mike Awful, I love your take on beer in the outdoors. Your posts always rock! (geology joke).  Also thanks for reminding us that this blog is about drinking and that we should be allowed to fucking cuss if we want to cuz damn kids shouldn’t be reading this shit in the first place. Pardon my Colorado Springs-ese

Vic thanks for supplying this hobby of ours and for being my beer guide and for helping me with GABF coverage. Oh and for that little souvenir in my old car… good thing I have Larry now.

Chase Parker- Thanks for being the inspiration for the blog, for drinking on the porch with me and telling us stories, for being the other clean roommate in the house, and for your old man ways. I could thank you for so much more but it wouldn’t even do it justice. You are the raddest dude alive.

Cody Vandenburg- Thanks for exploring New Belgium with me and finding celebrity doppelgangers in the tap room.

Adam Muniz- Thanks for helping me bust out code to help launch this ship back in June, this wouldn’t have been possible without you either.  And thanks for sharing Spotted Cow.

Bethany Allen- Thank you so much for your role in getting the blog started. While you may not realize it, you were a big inspiration in helping me get the ball rolling!

Betsy Schneider- Thanks for your fantastic beer coverage and for being a Louisville fan… wait what did I just say? Congrats by the way… we’ll see you in March.

Michelle Jones- Thanks for inviting me into the Avery family whenever I visit, and thanks for being one of my best friends in the world. Thanks for going on beerventures with me and making us check out every liquor store in Dillion, and for making sure I’m not the only gooftroop in the world who makes weird ass noises.

Stu Thomas- Thanks for being an ultimate drinking buddy, for speaking Chinese with me to get out of jams, and for generally being a great friend.

Nathan Tapp- Thanks for your awesome beer posts as well, and for sharing my love of IPAs and for always instigating great board game nights.

Ben Garbarek- Thanks for bringing some legitimate journalism to this carnival.  And thanks for bringing Benji to the world… and for appreciating the Chan Pan

Pat Karousis- Thanks for joining us from the beginning, we hope you succeed with Quarter Barrel and eagerly await your return! And I thank you for having Terminator 2 be your favorite film.

Chuck Turner- Thanks for being my hooligan in crime back in J-school at Miami and following us into this ridiculousness. We’re also thankful you’re doing well in BFE… literally.

LVZ- Thanks for joining us from Belgian Blond and the Examiner. And thanks for showing us the ins and outs of one of our favorite breweries in the world, Renegade!

Sister Karen, thanks for helping out your bro to get this thing started, and thanks for bringing me FunFetti cake to the bars for my birthday… that was one of the coolest things to ever happen, that and our sibling gold pants.

Chet, thanks for bringing us the term…AWESOMESAUCE!  Also thanks for your fantastic posts thus far, really glad to have you on board.

Sonny Chan, thanks for being an awesome brother and for sharing great beer from Washington, and for being the badass who went to the real Oktoberfest!

Caroline Briggs, thanks for our Denver Beerventures and for giving me the nickname Tron… I have a feeling its about to catch on. And thanks for bringing that RedHawk spirit!

Beezer, thanks for consistently editing for us when we all kinda went rogue for a while. You are the best. And for when you roll on the floor from laughing so hard.

Andy Manshel, thanks for being so willing to help out with PD. I love your posts and I am so thankful to be under your quizzing tutelage!

Kristin Hubbard, thanks for your insightful beer musings and for saving that DBA when its been tempting you for so long.

Madi Snyder, thanks for joining us for events it’s really going to elevate what we’re trying to do. And I look forward to ski adventures as well.

Mike Zoller thanks for your excellent sports coverage!

Justin Hatfield- Thanks for joining forces with us and we’re excited to get involved with the Denver Draughters in the new year!

Lauren Hoff- Thanks for joining forces with us as well we love your Napa Valley of Beer expertise especially cornering that Front Range area!

Adam Reeves, also a huge thanks for joining us and rounding out a upstart sports team.

Jason Behler thanks for joining us and immediately taking the reigns on what will be a legit post.

John Woltkamp, really pumped to have you on board and looking forward to more Hops and Pie adventures.

Erin Petrey, thanks for joining the staff and for being my beer buddy whenever we’re back in Lextownshakedown.

Zach Heimach, thanks for joining us and bringing us the greatest sibling combo the world has ever seen.  Thanks also for teaching me how to dance, but no thanks for making Michael Cane think that he knows how to dance. Thanks for Tai Cruz, for believing with me that Tracey Chapman is in fact a dude. For King Sooper Chocolate Milk.  For Keyyyyyy… For moving to Colorado. For moving back to Colorado wink wink harry wink wink.

To those who have just joined us we’re excited to have you on board, and to those who have left us we thank you for sharing your time and talents with us.

We wish everyone a very happy New Year and we eagerly await you joining us for some New Beers!

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