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Big Woods Brewing Co. – Busted Knuckle Ale

Big Woods Brewing Co. – Busted Knuckle Ale
Lindsay Krumel

27 IBU

7.2% ABV

The first time I went to Big Woods Brewing Company in idyllic Nashville, IN, I was seriously ill. Okay, not SERIOUSLY, but I did spend the previous night puking thanks to a winding car ride through Brown County, and a dinner of crab cakes. Sorry for that visual. Anyway, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out some new beer, but unfortunately I wasn’t really able to enjoy it either, so I was super excited when I heard my boyfriend’s parents were bringing us home a growler from their recent trip.

It wasn’t labeled, so I didn’t know what I was drinking at first. I opened the jug and it smelled kind of chocolatey, like a porter or a stout. There was no head to the dark pour, and it had a sweet taste, not like the fruity-sweet I’m so used to but something completely different, perhaps due to the caramel malts? From there it moved into a more bitter coffee flavor. But I was confused; it was so lightweight!

Turns out, it’s a hybrid! It’s their signature Busted Knuckle Ale, which they describe as a “light” porter. According to their website “while it does have complexity, it is also a very smooth and approachable beer,” and I would have to agree! I’ve really never had anything quite like it before, and I love it! It’s the best of both worlds: the body of an ale with the flavor of a porter. I’m not sure where all they distribute, but if you can get your hands on some, I highly recommend it!

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