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Modern Times Beer| Blazing World

Modern Times Beer| Blazing World
Adam Solarz

ABV: 6.8%

Modern Times’ can first caught my eye because it reminded me of a classic baseball uniform, inviting in that vintage American summer day feeling (I guess it’s like that every day in Southern California). This can is beautiful, simple, classic, and awesome. In the beer world, looks can deceive, but Modern Times Beer has it all: perfect inside and out.

Based out of San Diego and recently expanding distribution to the rest of Southern California, Modern Times creates really unique hybrid-style beers. I’ve had all of their year-round offerings, and you can’t go wrong, but it’s Blazing World that keeps me coming back to their section of the cooler.

Blazing World is an IPA/Amber mash-up absolutely loaded with hops. The nose is sticky sweet and citrusy. The taste, well, it’s my favorite new beer in a long, long time.  IPA like with a sweet, malty backbone and slight lingering bitterness. Pick up a 4 pack and ship two to your friends still shivering in the Midwest. They’ve already been thinking about moving here to avoid any more winters. This beer might seal the deal.

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