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Jolly Pumpkin – Bam Biére

Jolly Pumpkin – Bam Biére
Nathan Tapp

IBU: 25

ABV: 4.5%

Once upon a time I wrote for a beer blog. And then I drank the Westy 12  and my mind blew up and I stopped drinking or writing about beer. My brain can only take so much amazing… until I met Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere

Of course this is absolutely not true. I am however one busy dude, but surely this shant stop me from writing a stellar review on a stellar beer! Having seen the Batsignal high in the sky calling for me to return to my perch as writer for, I decided that a stop to Argonauts was in order. So, immediately following work, I picked up Mrs. Nate Tapp and said, “Get in the car. We’re getting beer. Work calls.” And we cruised down Colfax (the greatest street in the entire world) and pulled into Argonaut which is basically adult Toys “Я” Us.

The problem with visiting Argonaut is that I usually find myself staring at the racks of beer for at least thirty minutes not moving nor making a decision. I just stand. And stare. I wonder what each beer tastes like. I come to the conclusion that if I were a millionaire I would be an alcoholic millionaire and spend all my money on all the beers. But alas, I am a teacher. Mrs. Nate Tapp grabs a bottle of beer having become obsessed with Jolly Pumpkin’s wild yeast (which yields that sour taste that people love oh so much). The beer is called Bam Biére and it has an adorable dog on it. SOLD.

First and foremost, this is one frothy, heady beer. Either that or I have completely lost my beer pouring ability. But damn, it is quite heady. Now, with that being said, it does settle down very quickly. Overall, the beer looks like it smells, smells like it tastes, tastes like it looks, and looks like tastes. It’s got a pale, cloudy, orange look, with a malty, sour, citrusy smell. Add that all together, and you have the taste. Jolly Pumpkin has made a name of itself with their sour beers and Bam Biére is no different. For a farmhouse ale, it’s pretty decent, but overall I wasn’t entirely impressed. However, I am not sour beers biggest fan. If you are (like my wife) then you’ll probably love this one.

Regardless, thanks for the good time Jolly Pumpkin! And thanks for the advice! I will look both ways before I cross the street!

Cheers and mahalo!

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