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Beerstagrams: 4/1

Beerstagrams: 4/1
Lizzie Bourque

This week’s Beerstagrams are all about craft beer and some ways to really make the flavors stand out so you can get the best experience with your craft brews. Just like a lemon in a Hoegaarden, adding a little watermelon Burnett’s to your Natural Light can really enhance the aroma and bring out the citrus undertones. Or if you prefer your beer with the citrus flavor already enhanced, a few Bud Light Limes make an excellent addition to a night on the porch. A lot of times it’s hard to pick a good food pairing off the menu when you visit a brewery, but we’ve got a few suggestions for your next visit. Make sure you try a nice French Onion Dip (we like Great Value brand, it’s the saltiest) and Classic Ruffles. Also this week, Will Dozier tried out a classic from Canada with Uncle Ben’s Malt Liquor this week. “I wasn’t familiar with this brewery,” said Dozier, “but it turns out Ben really knows his stuff. There are a lot of unique flavors going on here.”


  1. Drew Troller

    I cringed.

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