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Kona Brewing Long Board Island Lager

kona longboard island lager

This beer makes a real “paki” which is Hawaiian for ‘splash’ as my beer cap informed me in Snapple-esque style. Okay, perhaps not quite a “splash” so much as a relaxed and steady wave would be the best descriptor for the Kona Brewing Long Board Island Lager, coming out of Hawaii. You won’t catch this balance-challenged reviewer anywhere near a surfboard, but who doesn’t love an island state of mind? And this beer certainly embraces it.

Though I wouldn’t necessarily go so far as to say it was extra-impressive, but it is definitely solid from beginning to end. It has a flavor that is best decribed as old-timey, which might just be the maltiness, and leaves a nice full after-bubble of flavor in your mouth. I’m not sure if the brewers intended for it to smell a bit like surf wax, but it kind of does, and oddly enough, not in a bad way. This lager will shine when you’re having it with spicy food, like some jalapeno nachos or a spicy jerk chicken, after a day of fun-filled activities. Definitely a good beach beer, it will still be good even if it gets warm. This beer is simple, sunny and easy, like the surfing lifestyle of our imaginations.

Okole maluna! (Hawaiian for “cheers” according to the interwebs)

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