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Getting a Woody – Cascade Brewing The Vine

Getting a Woody – Cascade Brewing The Vine
Will Dozier


Cascade Brewing The Vine
Style: American Wild Ale
ABV: 9.73%

Welcome  and prepare to get a woody. This installment of Getting a Woody we will look at Cascade Brewing The Vine a Northwest Style Sour Ale that is aged in oak barrels with lactobacillus to provide the sour punch. Cascade Brewing is located in Portland, Oregon. Started by 2 friends who were sick of the “hop arms race” they decided that they would specialize in barrel aged sour beers. Today they have over 400 barrels in their herd. The Vine  spends up to 12 months in these oak barrels starting from a blend soured Triple, Blonde Quad and Golden ales that have been refermented with the fresh pressed juice of white wine grapes. This creates a light refreshing sour that can be best enjoyed on a porch while bbq some meats.


Cascade Brewing The Vine

The Cascade Brewing The Vine  pours hazy golden yellow with a large frothy head. The nose shows notes of oaky white wine, apples, lactic tartness, and light peach. The head slowly dissipates leaving nice lacing on the glass. The taste starts out slighty sweet with tart grape notes moving into malty grain flavors. Then slight oakyness and tartness is displayed. Overall the flavor is quite dynamic and provides a very nice balance between tart and sweet. The beer finishes out with nice carbonation that helps drys the palate .


Cascade Brewing The Vine is a great beer to set down in your cellar for many years to come. .


WillyD Approved. Cascade has done a great job at creating  a very complex sour. If you find yourself in Portland, Oregon do not miss Cascade Brewing or The Vine.


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