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Ultimate 6er – To Boldly Go Where No Beer Has Gone Before!

Ultimate 6er – To Boldly Go Where No Beer Has Gone Before!
Erin Petrey



It was only a matter of time until my love for Craft Beer combined with my (let’s be honest) obsession with Science Fiction. As a girl who sports a Star Trek iPhone case (Science Division, of course – Command is just too pretentious and Engineering is, well, a bit too risky) and a text message tone from Star Trek: The Next Generation, it made sense that I would be inspired to dedicate an Ultimate 6er to the greatest of SciFi traditions, Star Trek, especially with the new J.J. Abrams installation: Star Trek: Into DarknessSo whether you prefer Saurian Brandy, Romulan Ale, or just a good glass of prune juice, here is your hodgepodge 6-pack of brews inspired by Star Fleet’s finest. Boldly go where no beer has gone before! LLAP!


1) Harpoon Brewery UFO Hefeweizen (ABV: 4.8%, IBU: 19)

This beer was an obvious choice. One cannot simply traverse the Universe and beyond without a proper starship. This light and crisp unfiltered wheat beer is a great summer beer, good to enjoy following an afternoon of Jamaharon on Risa. Its light flavor and hazy, gold color will pair nicely with any sunny, climate-controlled atmosphere.


2) Dogfish Head Midas Touch (ABV: 9%; IBU: 12)

Whether you are seeking the perfect birthday gift for your Captain or a beverage to serve with your next diplomatic dinner, Romulan Ale always pleases (well, until the following morning). Though us Earthlings are sadly deprived of this illegal Romulan beverage, Midas Touch will do as a nice substitute. High in alcohol and fairly sweet in taste, this Ancient Ale – brewed with ingredients from a 2,700 year old recipe – is the perfect libation for any intergalactic gathering. For a more authentic experience with this potent potable, add a few drops of blue food coloring for a truly Romulan presentation.


3) Redstone Meadery Vanilla Beans and Cinnamon Stick Mountain Honey Wine (ABV: 12%)

Whether you wish to enjoy a refined cocktail from Guinan at Ten Forward or enhance your Holosuite experience at Quark’s, nothing does the job quite as well as Saurian Brandy. As Commander Data once indicated, this beverage offers a rather sweet palate; this honey wine from Redstone Meadery in Colorado offers that same sweetness, but with notes of creamy vanilla and spicy cinnamon. Only the best for Captain Sisko!


4) North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin Imperial Stout (ABV: 9%; IBU: 75)

Ah, but what pairs well with the delicious taste of victory in battle? As any honorable Klingon knows, every commander goes into battle with a store of Bloodwine aboard in order to celebrate inevitable victory. Considering we are not so honored to have Bloodwine on Earth, we must settle for something equally robust that happens to bear the name of a legendary figure who spilled much blood in his “battles” (though he pales in comparison to the fearless warrior, Kahless). Old Rasputin would please the taste buds of the fearless General Martok, as it yields deep, malty flavors and a noticeable bitterness. (This brew would also prove favorable to Constable Odo, as this Bloodwine substitute has bubbles!) Kaplah!


5) Starr Hill Psycho Kilter Wee Heavy (ABV: 9.3%; IBU: 24)

We have to give a tip of our hats to those brave lads and lassies in Engineering (they do have such horrid luck!). So here we bring you something in the style of the homeland of our dear Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, guaranteed to get even the stubbornest lifeforms good and knackered. Psycho Kilter is a Scottish Style Heavy Ale that will easily wash away the woes of a day full of warp core breaches, while still lending a nice malty flavor tempered by a slight hoppiness. And plus, it would take a psycho to don a red shirt.

Product - Rogue Chocolate Stout.preview

6) Rogue Ales Chocolate Stout (ABV: 6.3%; IBU: 69)

If you’re like Counselor Troi, you often find yourself craving something sweet, and something lathered in chocolate: chocolate is a serious thing. But then you realize you also need a drink. What’s a girl to ask from her replicator? Don’t let your Betazoid head worry! Now you can have both that deep, dark flavor of chocolate and delicious beer in the same glass. The Chocolate Stout from Rogue Ales is perfect for relaxing after a long day of telepathy, and the bittersweet chocolate flavors, with a slight undertone of dark fruits, will quench the cravings of your sweet tooth (add a scoop of chocolate ice cream for an indulgent dessert). I’m sure Commander Riker wouldn’t mind joining for a pint or two.


  1. Katharine Clark

    Erin – don’t you just love the photo I specially ripped out of my star trek home vid for your post. 🙂 Danger, major Trekkie was your editor.

    • Erin Russell

      I LOVE it! Cheers to you!

      • Drew Troller

        I am so relieved that I’m not the biggest nerd on this site.

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