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Laura Mego

I have a reputation among my friends for being sort of a know-it-all.  It’s mostly random, useless knowledge which makes me a useful trivia partner, but it mostly just takes up a lot of extra brain cells that I could be using for, I don’t know, nuclear physics or something more helpful to the world at large (unless you count winning some free beer as being helpful to the world at large.)

I often get asked where I get this sort of information.  It mostly comes from BrainPickings (which I’ve already discussed with you at length) and other random fact generators that I read in my spare time. My favorite of these random fact generators is

Now that the world knows that I spend way too much time on the internet… you should check out it out.  The premise is basic- interesting articles based on one theme: today, I found out something new/interesting/exciting/I never knew and I want to share it with you.

It’s good for a quick brush-up before trivia night, or a way to kill about 3 hours when you only meant to spend about 20 minutes on the internet checking your email…every night of the week…

Enough about me!  Go check the site out for yourself, and learn something new!

p.s.- if you find this sort of thing interesting, you need to pick up the book “At Home: A Short History of Private Life” by Bill Bryson- it’s filled with tons of similarly interesting nuggets, like how the phrase “room and board” came about,for instance.

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