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Awesomesauce- Internet Comments

Awesomesauce- Internet Comments
Laura Mego

We’ve all been there- right before making dinner, you hop on your laptop to do a quick check of Facebook and your email, and six hours later you look up with a glazed expression on your face and absolutely no idea where the last quarter of your day went.  This scenario can either be good (you learned that if you follow the Pope on Twittter, you’ll spend less time in Purgatory) or bad (there are smaller and more vulnerable creatures in your house that rely on you to feed them.)

One of the reasons that I regularly find myself sucked down the rabbit hole of the internet is not the dazzling array of content available (of which, of course, there is quite an array- ask StumbleUpon) but because of the sheer beauty and hilarity that is The Comments Section.  If you want to see both the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows when it comes to human discourse, look no further than the bottom of a particularly entertaining Gawker article discussing Jay Z’s favorite cereal.

Seriously, who needs to pay 30 bucks a head to watch stand-up comedy when you can read pithy and snarky reactions to the latest fall fashions until 2 am from the comfort of your own couch? The readers of this site (disclaimer: one of my all-time favorites) are self-described “Bitter Kittens” and delight in wittily commenting on almost every avante garde look that the fashion industry can churn out.  Because you’ve never known true comedy until you hear some ordinary-person reactions to  the outfits that the outrageously rich manage to put together with the help of overpaid stylists.

So tomorrow night, carve out some time between feeding the dog (or kid) and collapsing in your bed, and get in a good laugh- you’ll be glad you did,if only just for this gem. (I laughed at the comments section on this article for over an HOUR today….really…)

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