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Surly Brewing Company – CynicAle

Surly Brewing Company – CynicAle
Justin Vicroy

Surly Brewing CompanyCynicAle

ABV: 6.6%

IBUs: 33

SURLYThere is nothing better than finding a hidden gem among a myriad of unknowns. That one album you picked up based on the picture, that book you got because of the title, or that beer you got in a mixpack.

Located just north of Minneapolis, Surly Brewing has been kicking out some amazing brews since 2005. I have heard the buzz for a while now and have wanted to try their beers for a few years now. A fellow writer for PorchDrinking shared some Coffee Bender, Surly’s Brown Ale with coffee, with me after he bought a 4 pack on a recent trip to Minnesota. “WHOA!” , I exclaimed after the 1st sip. I think I tried licking the inside of the can trying to savor every last drop. This experience just fueled my want, more like need, of more Surly brews. Jump to a few months later, I find out that one of my buddies, who is from Minneapolis, has some family driving out to visit. I beg him to have them bootleg some Surly for me. I received this text a few days later: “Surly is on its way.”

I tried one CynicAle the other night and decided that I had to write about it. This beer ain’t just any fizzy yellow beer, as the can states. It pours a light gold color with foamy white head. There are aromas of yeast esters and light hops. it is crisp and refreshing on the palate. Very subtle flavor that opens up when the beer warms up. I first thought it was a pilsner, but then after the 2nd taste, I thought it could be a pale ale. There is just so much depth of flavor to every sip. According to Surly’s website, they list it as a Belgian Saison/Pale Ale. Which makes sense based on what I experienced. Not as much yeast esters as a traditional Saison, but they are present.  I wish I had an unlimited supply of this beer so I could enjoy it for the rest of summer. If you are within the distribution area of Surly, I recommend hoarding as much of this beer as you can afford and to also sending me some…


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