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Meet Eugene – Revolution Brewing Eugene Porter

Meet Eugene – Revolution Brewing Eugene Porter
Michelle Andriano

ABV: 6.8% IBU: 28

Lately as the Fall nights have set in, I find myself wanting to sit out on my deck, throw on a hoodie, and cuddle up with Eugene. Eugene Porter, that is, from Revolution Brewing. One amazing beer. I have great memories of this time of year, usually involving cans of beer. I am happy to report that cans are now continuing to providing great beer.

A shot from Skater_Rich

Titled as a robust porter, robust it truly is. The aroma, warm and sweet. The color, nearly black. Every sip is bursting with flavor. Smooth, roasted malt with notes of chocolate and coffee. Delicious Belgian malts add a wonderful blend of toasted grain and caramel. The roasted flavor warms the palate and lingers as you easily enjoy more than one of these. Some porters I have found to be much too filling. However, even with all the complex flavor this beer offers, it goes down light and easy. Refreshing,adult chocolate milk with a hint of coffee.

A few of Chicago’s breweries have been taking their beer a step further and incorporating the fantastic history of Chicago into their brews. Revolution prides themselves on beer for the workingman and this porter’s namesake is after Eugene V. Debs, Chicago labor union organizer. Much like the beer, Debs was a powerful leader of his time. He was an activist and leader of the Pullman Railroad strike in 1894 among other endeavors.

BVND4KPCMAAzMG8It’s hard to believe we’re into “winter” beers already. But if we have to be, this is the beer to do it with. Visit Revolution Brewing to learn where you can find this beer and the fantastic others that this Chicago staple puts out. Happy drinking! Cheers.



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