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Welcome to the InterNEAT! Volume 11

Welcome to the InterNEAT! Volume 11
Alex Cadice

Hey, you guys! How goes it? Have you started filling out your Thanksgiving dinner wish list yet? Maybe that’s just me.  Anywho, but we overshare too much, let’s kick off the week with some interNEAT treats!

5. I understand Sportscenter gets a lot of gaff for its perpetual lust for Tim Tebow and Brett Favre, but the “This Is Sportscenter” campaign makes up for everything. Put this one a little underneath John Clayton.

4. Sports are just a great way to bring each other together… especially this time of year.

3. Speaking of current events, have you seen Thor: The Dark World? It’s one of the few movies where the sequel is better than the original.  And not wanting to miss out on the party, Charmin briefly ran this brilliant ad before it was eventually pulled.


2. How hot are Hot Pockets these days? Kate Upton hot… which really is overrated heat, if you ask me.

1. Finally, I have no idea how to segue this video, so I’m just going to let it be

See you in a .gif, Alex

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