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Let’s Talk About Justin Timberlake Winning 2013

Liz Riggs

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about who “won” 2013. The obvious answer is almost always, without a doubt, *NSYNC, especially since they haven’t technically been a “BAND” since 2003. Although, as you may remember, they had a beautiful reunion in late 2012 at the MTV VMA’s. I digress. While we briefly agreed that Miley probably “won” 2013 in the most traditional sense of the word, my “FRIEND” told me he thought Justin Timberlake had an off year.  Usually this would mark the end of any of my friendships—insulting Justin Timberlake at such a deep and dark level is sort of an easy way to find yourself on my SHORT LIST OF PEOPLE I HATE, but this is a particularly close friend whose friendship and loyalty have transcended time and space, so I decided to pretend like he was talking about another Justin Timberlake. Like a Justin Timberlake who isn’t famous and ALSO MY FRIEND IS WRONG.

Justin Timberlake from E

Because of course it is true: I think Justin Timberlake is the winner of every year, of all the years, of life.

Sure, the second half of The 20/20 Experience didn’t blow people’s minds quite as much as everyone expected it to, but did it even need to? By that point he’d already swept us off our feet with the COUNTDOWN to The 20/20 Experience ALONE. He barely even needed the album to come out (BUT IT DID AND IT WAS GREAT.)

Then there was the video for “Tunnel Vision,” which of course featured lots of naked women who weren’t his wife. (Also, where is Ms. Biel? Is she just out there hosting Charity Water events?) And of course, remember when he basically RAN Saturday Night Live/Fallon?

At this point, you probably are wondering the same thing I am: Are Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake roommates? Do they actually just live in a modest two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn where they record funny videos and Skype in their sig others from time to time? Because I like to imagine that’s what it’s like.


He rolled with Jay Z. He bounced with Fallon. He put on his suit and tie. He didn’t get naked on a wrecking ball (UNFORTUNATELY). He took back the night. He got the whole gang back together again even after Lance was gay and Joey and Chris were seriously tired. He won all the VMAs and AMAs and love in our hearts. He said he was moving to Nashville–sort of (and people lost their minds.)

As excited as I would be for Justin to move to my city and us to become the best friends we were always meant to be, I doubt that’s actually a thing that’s happening in the near future. BUT ONCE AGAIN: I DIGRESS.

Justin Timberlake had an epic year. He returned to the music scene after a nearly seven year hiatus. He filmed a movie (that happened this year, right?) about a folk star. He recorded songs with Marcus Mumford (for that movie, did you know that?) and he repeatedly won over the hearts of everyone everywhere. AGAIN.

2013 is his year. Let’s let him have it.

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