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Election 2020: Reminding Myself “The West Wing” Isn’t on the Ballot

October 28, 2020 |

Quick aside, so my editors don’t have to put a note in: I speak only for myself in this post. PorchDrinking staff and contributors do not have any official political stance that I’m aware of, and I have no animosity for people on this site or in our country who respectfully disagree about matters of policy. Also, sorry to die-hard “West Wing” fans if I do the show a disservice. All that said… go vote.

A millennial is about to write 1,000 words arguing that a television show from 21 years ago isn’t real life. It’s the kind of groundbreaking content that’s going to save this country. You’re welcome, America! Read More

Ultimate 6er | The Night Of

September 7, 2016 |

Photo courtesy of HBO.

Enjoy thrillers and have already binged-watched Season 1 of Stranger Things on Netflix? Perhaps you’ve turned to HBO’s The Night Of! This eight-episode crime drama miniseries, set in New York City, is an emotional whirlwind composed of different players seeking to reconstruct the fateful night of Andrea Cornish’s murder. If you haven’t seen this show, don’t fret! This Ultimate 6er doesn’t contain any spoilers, but it will introduce you to six of the main characters, each of whom have their own motivations in uncovering the truth to what happened on The Night Of. All six of these beers come from breweries within NYC’s five boroughs, where the noir-style storyline takes place. However, be forewarned – drinking a beer while watching this masterful show may result in suspense-induced drink spillage! Read More

My car really wants me to listen to this Bronze Radio Return song.

June 26, 2015 | 2

I’m afraid of getting into my car. Each time I turn the ignition, I wince in anticipation for what awaits me. More than traffic or accidents or the stresses of driving LA’s streets, I am afraid of something that haunts me every time I get into the car:

“Above, Below” by Bronze Radio Return. Read More

Pop Culture Week in Review…In 500 Words | 5/3 – 5/9

May 8, 2015 |

That’s right, this week I’m giving myself a challenge: recap the week in pop culture in EXACTLY 500 words. No more, no less. It’ll be quick, and give you a chance to count to 500 to see if I’m lying. I’m wasting words explaining. Let’s go! Read More

Dear Hollywood…

February 5, 2015 |

Dear Hollywood, California,

Read More

Pop Culture Week in Review: January 17-23

January 23, 2015 |

My fellow PorchDrinkers, I am here today to tell you that the state of pop culture is strong. (Hold for applause, standing ovation)

Yes, it’s the week of the State of the Union. Not really a pop culture event in the traditional sense, but try telling that to Twitter. It wasn’t just the President’s address to Congress that made people take notice this week. Plenty of news (well, “news” is a strong word so let’s just call it “stuff”) to cover in this week’s Pop Culture Week in Review. Let’s go.

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Pop Culture Week in Review: August 23-29, 2014

August 29, 2014 |

Gonna try to keep it quick this week, Pop Culture nerds. Seven highlights from the past seven days. Our PorchDrinking pop culture team is a bit tired, still exhausted from the long-and-kinda-snoozy Emmys. Speaking of which, let’s start this pop culture week in review with a recap of TV’s biggest night.

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Emmy Predictions 2014

August 21, 2014 |

The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards will be handed out next Monday, August 25th. Everyone says this every year…. but there are a LOT of great nominees. Tough to predict who will come away with the awards, but I’m going to try to do just that.

Please note these are entirely subjective opinions, and also please note that I’ve lost my roommate pool of Emmy predictions for the last two years. So take these with a grain of salt. Then watch our live blog Monday, and rub it in when I’m wrong. Read More

Cord-Cutters: The Future of TV?

May 15, 2014 |

I’m a cord-cutter. I don’t have cable. And yet, I love television. I love it a whole lot.

Like many people of my generation, I’ve decided to forego the old cable-box in favor of acquiring my pop culture through other means. I catch my programming through streaming services, over-the-air antennae, and a few other methods (I can neither confirm nor deny the use of torrent downloading).

This past week, I switched internet providers, still foregoing cable packages offering anywhere from 30 to 800 channels of content at an added price of anywhere from 15 to 70 dollars extra per month. Why shell out the extra cash, I figure, if I can absorb all my favorite pop culture while still cutting the cord?

Between my renewed conviction to stay off cable and the major networks’ upfront announcements this week, I’ve been thinking… what’s the future of television? What follows is one optimistic cord-cutter’s vision for the future of TV… followed by a few pesky facts that might get in the way of my dream. Here goes.

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Pop Culture Week in Review 5/3-5/9

May 9, 2014 |

Oh the Met Gala

It’s like the Oscars of fashion except there are no awards and the self congratulations comes only in the form of Anna Wintour not setting you on fire. Or in Madonna’s case, you might not even be allowed to go. I never thought I would say this, but thank you, Anna Wintour for sparing us all the sight of Madonna’s nipples.

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18 GIFs to Show How I Feel About Lists of GIFs

February 6, 2014 |

Did you click this link because you were looking forward to seeing a list of animated GIFs?

We don’t blame you. It happens to lots of people. GIF-lists are click-bait on the internet, and more sites are using them as ways to lure in viewers with entertaining and highly share-able content. This list of GIFs is different. This is a list of GIFs to show how I feel about the growing trend of GIF lists.

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Pop Culture Week in Review: January 18-24

January 24, 2014 |

How are you all doing?

Awards show red carpet followers? You all feeling a bit overwhelmed? Hang in there.

Beliebers? Remember to take a deep breath. It gets Bieber—I MEAN BETTER.

Grammy nominees? You’re going to a stupid awards show this weekend.

It’s the pop culture week in review for January 18-24. Who’s up first? Oh … wait … crap … Let’s just get it out of the way … Read More

Let’s Talk About Justin Timberlake Winning 2013

November 28, 2013 |

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about who “won” 2013. The obvious answer is almost always, without a doubt, *NSYNC, especially since they haven’t technically … Read More

Pop Culture Week In Review- 11/9-11/16

November 15, 2013 |

Let’s just call this week the week of Jennifer Lawrence, don’t you think? I mean, since she is the queen of the world and is totally all of our best … Read More

Blurred Lines: The Uneasy Relationship Between Sex and Pop Culture

September 5, 2013 | 4

Sex and pop culture are two of the most easily discernible, yet confounding of all foundational aspects in American society. Pop culture (and all cultural expression) helps dictate the national … Read More

Pop Culture Week In Review – 6/22-6/28

June 28, 2013 |

In today’s Pop Culture Week In Review we look at celebrity reactions to the death of DOMA, two fantastic movie trailers and the you-saw-it-coming moment of the year… the demise of Paula Deen, however surprisingly not at the hands of fried chicken.

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4 Ways to Feel About “Arrested Development” Season 4

May 30, 2013 | 3

Safe to say, we here at PorchDrinking are bona fide fans of “Arrested Development” (and four of those stories were written by me). So we were all pretty excited this week at the launch of Season 4 of the show – fifteen brand new episodes all at once! The Bluths are back!

The internet, of course, has had its say. And it hasn’t exactly been a consensus. So I present my (almost entirely) spoiler-free way of processing the complicated feelings you may have. As you ask yourself, “Did I like this? Should I watch it again? What is Netflix getting out of this?” check out the 4 very different ways to feel about season 4 of TV’s best comedy ever.

(Okay, I’ll editorialize. I’m in camp #2 here. Not to be confused with Camp Kissa-Me-Mommy.)

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Pop Culture Week In Review: May 10-16

May 17, 2013 |

It’s been awhile, PorchDrinkers. I have so much to share with you. And I’m not just talking about Star Trek: Into Darkness. I won’t say anything here for fear of spoiling the movie… but let’s be honest, if you haven’t had Star Trek’s “twist” spoiled for you by now, it’s because you haven’t been on the internet at all.

Anyway… some non-JJ Abrams stuff happened this week. Let’s review this week in pop culture! Read More

Ultimate 6er – Mad Men

April 24, 2013 | 1

In honor of its return to the airwaves, and sticking with my television theme, I opted to focus today’s article on the main characters of AMC’s hit period drama Mad Men. All I can say is, I hope this 6er is better than their previews this season.

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Oscar Nomination Predictions (UPDATED!)

January 9, 2013 |

In perhaps my least snarky PorchDrinking article to date, I’m going to take some shots in the dark and guess who will be nominated for the Academy Awards. PD is looking forward to bringing you some great Oscars coverage, but here now is one guy telling you what he thinks (and hopefully having something to brag about once nominees are announced tomorrow). I’ve marked movies I’ve seen with ***asterisks***, so you can know I’m not full of it. Watch nominations come out, then keep coming back to for more Oscars coverage from our team of amateur pop-culture experts.

UPDATE: Oscar nominations were announced this morning (Thursday). A few surprises, especially in the directing category. I’ve added some additional commentary, partly in the interest of giving you the most information possible, and partly because I’m proud of how close I was in a lot of cases.

Below, I’ve bolded the predictions that were accurate.
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