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Roundtable Discussion | Mom Memories

Roundtable Discussion | Mom Memories

Ahhhh, Mother’s Day … it’s right around the corner and most likely, you still need to get your mom a present. Speaking of which, I found a really helpful list of “19 Gifts No Mom Wants On Mother’s Day” from Buzzfeed. Hope it’s helpful! We asked the staff to talk about their moms and reflect on embarrassing/funny stories. Of course, they became drinking related real fast! Cheers to our mamas!

Chelsea Mitchell

Oh god, ok. Well there was this one time I chugged 3 shots of Bacardi 151 when I was 15 and having a party at my house. My mom called down to see how things were going, I crawled up the stairs and just said, “I’m drunk” and proceeded to spend the night next to a trash can. My mom, being the saint that she is, let everyone keep partying and told them I was a dumbass. – I have many more sooo this is just a taste. I have some way worse ones but they make me seem like a huge asshole.

Stacey Goers

Let’s see. One that is pseudo-drinking related. It’s not terribly funny, but cute. My mom came to visit last Easter (this was the BIG trip; she hadn’t been to DC since I first moved there). We had dinner on Friday and I just felt awful all Saturday … something I ate. I mustered up energy to go walk around a market with her and my husband, but I just laid down after … and felt so, so awful, both physically and emotionally for letting her down. I woke up a few hours later to loud laughter. She and my husband are nearly finished with a bottle of white wine — it’s 1 p.m. — and they are laughing about HGTV home shopping shows. Let’s just say she would have had a good trip, with or without me.


Cory Pelc

My mum is an absolute light weight. I remember Bartles and Jaymes being frequent bottles in the refrigerator and on camping trips when I was a kid but she never drinks them; they sit around for forever. It wasn’t until recently that I was checking out some bottles at my folks place that were in the back of the refrigerator when I found a wine cooler from like 4 years ago. Maybe she is starting a wine cooler cellar but let’s hope not!


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