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Roundtable Discussion | AB InBev Worst Case Scenarios

Roundtable Discussion | AB InBev Worst Case Scenarios

AB InBev stands for Anheuser-Busch InBev, and the company makes up some popular brands such as Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois and Beck’s. AB InBev bought its first craft brewer in 2011, Goose Island. In January, it purchased Seattle-based Elysian Brewing Co., making it the fourth craft brewery acquisition by the world’s largest beer company in the last five years.

Other craft breweries could be next. We asked our staff which breweries they would be upset to see bought by the $1 billion/year company.

Desiree Duzich

If they ever try to buy/or accomplish buying Deschutes Brewery, I will personally _________________ them. Fill in the blank.

Christopher Day

Budějovický Budvar

Sarah Hargis

I definitely have to go with Cigar City, haha. Eek!

Matthew Lunger

Without a doubt, Cigar City. It would be a like a death in the family.

Chelsea M

Warning: This comment was not meant to spark a debate and I most likely won’t read your replies. End Warning. I see the whole problem in ‘selling out’ to big business (ie possibly lower quality, monopolizing the market, etc), but I don’t think a brewery being bought by ABI is really the end of the world. For one, it gives the employees of the brewery more job security and better benefits in the long run. Also, they get access to some bad-ass hop fields and other technology. I do like small businesses, employing local citizens, and high quality beer but I guess if the brewery sacrificed that after a buy out, I would be blaming them and not ABI. Therefore, I don’t really care who they buy next as long as they don’t buy everyone. Please don’t burn me at the stake for these comments.

John Winters

Mikkeler or Stillwater

Justin Vicroy

If Founders & Renegade sold out, then that would crush my soul and will to live.

Tristan Chan

I’d have to say New Belgium for the reason that they are employee owned, so if they sold out (mind you, it would never happen) that would destroy everything that I know and love.

Danny King

Bell’s. While I am not the biggest fan of the new labels, it’s a minor issue for a company I really like who has great standbys and is doing weird wonderful things with the planet series (sorry for being such a Homer but I can’t help but root for my state.) Also, the hat I got from them is the first baseball cap that I feel fits my head in an attractive manner since I was 10 years old

Brad Hartsock

I’m gonna go the other way on this. The worst case scenario for me is AB buys SABMiller. The amount of global production, supply chain, distribution and buying power that would centralize would be bad news indeed.

Philip Joyce

To further your point Chelsea, for every micro that’s bought up, it makes room for another new, innovative startup brewery to provide beer for the die-hard soul crushed customers who were left by their brand. And for my actual answer, New Glarus, or Odell.

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