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Pop Culture Week In Review | July 5 – July 11

Pop Culture Week In Review | July 5 – July 11
Christian Bolen Walker

Emmy Nominations

Game of Thrones leads in nominations this year with a total of 19 chances to earn a statue for its mantel. This will also be the last year we see our beloved Breaking Bad on the list of contenders and the first year for True Detective. There will be a lot of tough choices, but I personally hope that Peter Dinklage walks away with the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. You can view a complete list of the nominations on the Emmy website.


Justin Bieber

What’s a week of pop culture news without some legal updates from the Biebs? After egging his neighbor’s house in January, there were talks of possible felony charges for America’s least favorite sweetheart. However, prosecutor’s just offered him a deal instead, which he took. Bieber will be on probation for two years, required to attend an anger management program, and pay $80,900 restitution for damages caused to his neighbor’s home. If he has to pay that much for the damage, I guess the press left out that he was throwing dinosaur eggs filled with napalm. Almost makes you feel bad for the little guy. . . Almost. . . Actually, no. Not really.



George Clooney vs Daily Mail

The bigger the celebrity, the hungrier the media gets for juicy stories about them that will sell magazines and generate hits to their websites. As a result, some publications lower their standards of content and ethics so that they actually have something to print. According to George Clooney, the Daily Mail went too far when they published an article stating that Clooney’s soon to be mother-in-law is against the upcoming wedding for religious reasons. This apparently didn’t sit so well with the Hollywood icon, who penned a response in USA Today calling the Daily Mail’s article “completely fabricated”. The website has since removed the original article and issued an apology. Maybe tabloids will think twice before setting their aim on the likes of Clooney, who is the son of a journalist. You can read his piece here.


Harry Potter Magically Shuts Down the Internet

Well, not the whole internet, but part of it. When J.K. Rowling released a new short story centering around the Boy Who Lived, the site to which it was published,, got so much traffic that it keeled over and died for a while. The brief glimpse into the continued life of Harry Potter revolves around a reunion of Dumbledore’s Army playing a game of quidditch, written as an article by Rita Skeeter. If you don’t understand the references in the last sentence, then I’m not sure why you’re interested in this story in the first place. Potter fans around the world rejoiced to have another 1,500 words to read about their favorite wizards and witches, cleverly released along the same time as the opening of Universal Orlando’s Diagon Alley.


New Hunger Games Trailer

The newest installment in the Hunger Games franchise, Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, is due to hit theaters in November. To help us through the remaining days until we can see our beloved J-Law fighting injustice with a bow and arrow, I give you this brand new trailer.

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