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Pop Culture Week in Review 7-17-15

July 17, 2015 |

Some weeks are special for the pop culture team at This is one of those weeks. Comic-Con brought us many gifts and it is our pleasure and privilege to distribute these little wonders to you, our reader. Prepare your eyes and souls for a trailerpalooza.  Read More

Pop Culture Week In Review: 5/30 – 6/5

June 5, 2015 |

Justin Bieber legal woes, Stephen Colbert pops up on the grid again, and of course, a couple movie trailers. It’s another week of pop culture updates from

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Letterman’s Legacy

May 28, 2015 |

Last week, David Letterman signed off from late night television for the last time. After a record 33 years and 6,028 episodes, he gave his final monologue and said farewell to his desk. The 68-year-old comedy veteran stayed true to his style by keeping his emotions in check, but the final show was packed with nostalgia inspiring clips of his career and plenty of thank you’s for his crew, family, and fans. With the late night television roster playing musical chairs with its hosts, it’s important to take pause and give the proper appreciation for Letterman’s journey and legacy.

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Pop Culture Week in Review | 4/18 – 4/24

April 24, 2015 |

This week’s Pop Culture Review isn’t so much a look into the past week as it is a glimpse into the future. We’ve got departure dates for some of our favorite TV hosts, announcements for upcoming projects in TV and Film, and we have four movie trailers that are guaranteed to awaken your inner nerd.

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Pop Culture Week in Review | March 28 – April 3

April 3, 2015 |

April Fools’ pranks, drama on Twitter, and new trailers. What more could you want?

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Pop Culture Week In Review | March 7 – March 13

March 13, 2015 |

Andy Samberg hosting 2015 Emmys

Andy Samberg, SNL veteran and current star of Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has been tapped to serve as the host the 2015 Emmys, which is due to air September 20th. There’s a pretty solid track record of SNL alum making their mark as critically acclaimed hosts, with Samberg following in the footsteps of Seth Meyers, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler. Although he won an Emmy for writing on Saturday Night Live and won a Golden Globe for his work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this will be his first time emceeing a major awards show. Read More

Movie Stars Making More Than Movies

March 6, 2015 |

I’m a big fan of Kevin Spacey, but I think he was objectively a perfect choice for the role. Just when you believe his character is actually a good person, he flips the switch and you see the monster underneath. A magnetic performance. That’s why I was pumped to learn that Bill Paxton and John Malkovich joined the cast! Granted, it’s a bit of a side plot and it’s all about zombies, but you can’t go wrong with that kind of talent. What’s that? Oh no, I’m not talking about House of Cards. I’m talking about a video game.

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Pop Culture Week In Review: 2/14 – 2/20

February 20, 2015 |

It’s tough to follow last week’s review, since it was objectively a thrilling week in the pop culture world. Jon Stewart announced he’d be leaving The Daily Show, Brian Williams taken off the air, and Kanye being Kanye at the Grammys. This week may not be as full of shocking revelations and moments of drama caught on film, but there’s definitely a few things of which we can take note.

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“Gotham” Gets It Right

January 26, 2015 |

Five of the top ten highest grossing films of 2014 starred superheroes. Release dates for more crime fighting epics continue to come out of the woodwork, effectively rendering any comic book nerd senseless with anticipation. With so much superhero noise, it can be easy to tune it out altogether. But then you might miss out on Fox’s new series, Gotham, which would be a mistake.

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Pop Culture Week in Review: 1/10 – 1/16

January 16, 2015 |

While summing up a week in pop culture, it can be difficult to sift through the abundance of gossip and trumped up fanfare that litters the entertainment news landscape. This week, let us ignore the tales of misbehavior and drama, such as Miley Cyrus posing nude for V Magazine, and Chris Brown getting his probation revoked, and instead let’s focus on the actual medium of TV and Film. There are so many trailers to debut, not to mention the announcement of Oscar nominees, that we may as well take one week to enjoy the final products that get us so hungry for news about the players.

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Pop Culture Week in Review: 1/3 – 1/9

January 9, 2015 |

People’s Choice Awards

Wednesday the 7th was the People’s Choice Awards on CBS, which is like a lot of other awards shows, except the categories are “Favorite” instead of … Read More

Pop Culture Week in Review: 12/13 – 12/19

December 19, 2014 |

George R.R. Martin Holiday Tweets

Children normally get excited about the arrival of a certain bearded, bespectacled man coming down their chimney delivering gifts, but they’d react differently if it was a certain other bearded, bespectacled man coming into their home to send them the Lannisters’ regards. Read More

Pop Culture Week in Review: November 1-7

November 10, 2014 |

Craig Ferguson Announces Last Guests

The Late Late Show Show with Craig Ferguson first aired on CBS on January 3, 2005. On December 19th of this year, Craig Ferguson will do his last monologue before his mortal self transcends to the heavens and he forms a new star in the constellation, Draco. That last part might not be true, but Mr. Ferguson will definitely not be doing his show anymore. Instead he’ll continue hosting Celebrity Name Game and will be passing the reins of The Late Late Show to James Corden, who will take over in March. This week, we learned who will be the last guests to grace the chairs next to Craig’s desk. The parade of talent paying their respects will include Steve Carrell, Drew Carrey, Carrie Fisher, Jon Hamm, Tim Meadows, Betty White, and for the big finish: Jay Leno. Don’t fall for it Craig! He’s trying to take your show!

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The Saga of Picking a Halloween Costume

October 30, 2014 |

Despite the big night being only a few days away, you still haven’t received an invite to the spectacular annual Halloween party thrown by your friend with an actual house and an affinity for spooky decorations. It’s a waiting game at this point. No need to panic yet.

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Pop Culture Week in Review 10/4 – 10/10

October 10, 2014 |

The Flash is a Hit

The CW’s The Flash premiered Tuesday to a sizable audience of 4.5 million viewers and has received praise from critics. The show follows the origins of Barry Allen, better known as the Flash, who received the ability to travel at superhuman speeds after being struck by lightning in his laboratory. While Marvel Comics continues to crank out blockbuster movies based on their characters, DC Comics have recently turned their gaze to the small screen. Arrow, Gotham, The Flash, and Supergirl are all based on DC material and will be available for your viewing pleasure from the comfort of your own home.

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Pop Culture Week In Review: 9/13 – 9/19

September 19, 2014 |

Shaking Things Up At Saturday Night Live

A lot of stuff went down at SNL that I would normally cover, but our very own Caitlin VanMol handled it quite beautifully … Read More

D-BOX: The Newest Cinematic Experience

September 5, 2014 |

Armed with my three pound bag of popcorn and bucket sized soda, I shuffled cautiously into the dark theater like I have hundreds of time before. Squinting through the dim … Read More

Pop Culture Week in Review 8/2 – 8/8

August 8, 2014 |

Weird Al at the Super Bowl?

A petition for Weird Al Yankovich to be the halftime performer for this year’s Super Bowl has gained over 65,000 signatures so far. … Read More

Pop Culture Week In Review | July 5 – July 11

July 11, 2014 |

Emmy Nominations

Game of Thrones leads in nominations this year with a total of 19 chances to earn a statue for its mantel. This will also be the last year we … Read More

*Delayed* Pop Culture Week In Review 6/7 – 6/13 | Jurassic World

June 18, 2014 |


Grab your pet lizard and a sack lunch, because Netflix announced that they will be streaming a revamped version of the classic The Magic School Bus show that originally premiered back in 1994. Read More