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Top 5 Celebrity Punches | Look what you made me do, Orlando Bloom

Top 5 Celebrity Punches | Look what you made me do, Orlando Bloom
  • On August 7, 2014

Last week, we all became aware of the Punch Heard ‘Round the World.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- some people just need to get punched in the face.  So thanks to Orlando Bloom, here are my top 5 Celebrity Punches and their Scenarios.

1. Adam Brody punches Taylor Swift.


















Circumstances: They are sitting next to each other at an awards show.  She has been really grating on everyone’s nerves by dancing in the front row she is inevitably sitting in.  She has just been announced as the winner of whatever award and she makes this face:
























He then lays down the law.  Everyone cheers.

2.  James Franco gets punched by Dolly Parton.












Circumstances: Franco is doing a surprise performance art piece in the middle of Dollywood.  Dolly’s cousin calls her up and alerts her to the situation.  Dolly throws on her wig and storms down to her theme park and punches him in the balls.  “Now THAT’S performance art!” she says as she walks away as he writhes in pain.  Everyone cheers.  Jennifer Lawrence, who just happens to be visiting Dollywood at the same time, films the whole thing- including her hysterical laughter.

3. Any Hanson Brother punches Shia LeBeouf










Circumstances: Shia attends one of their concerts ironically, makes the whole show about him.  Taylor gets upset and calls him out from the stage.  Everyone cheers.  Shia says something insane and incredibly insulting.  Zac leaps over his drums, jumps off the stage and socks one to the flabbergasted LeBeouf.  Everyone cheers.

 4. Damon Wayans Jr. punches Chuck Lorre

Circumstances: Lorre, still high on convincing America that horrible writing is funny, somehow mistakes Wayans Jr for a waiter at a restaurant.  Having come from a comedy dynasty, DWj is displeased and gives Lorre a look that says to everyone around, “Are you fo realzies?”  Lorre repeats his request for their finest $11 Rosé.  Wayans doesn’t so much punch him as slap him but hard enough to still make Lorre cry.  Everyone cheers.  Adam Pally appears as if from no where and they do this:










5. Larisa Oleynik punches Blake Lively

Circumstances: Blake and Larisa meet at a party and Blake starts talking about her blog.  Larisa totally plays it nice and pretends to be into the idea.  Blake then makes some comment about how they only let really cool people be a part of it.  Her tone implies that Larisa is not one of these people.  Larisa just accidentally pours a drink on Blake.  Blake screams.  To which Larisa replies…











Everyone cheers!

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