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Ultimate 6er | Six MN Breweries to Pair with Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Ultimate 6er | Six MN Breweries to Pair with Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour
Jennie Olson

I’m sitting here drinking a beer and counting down the minutes until my Eras Tour bound flight departs for Minnesota. After canceling her 2020 tour due to the pandemic, the last time Taylor Swift toured publicly was in 2018. So you might say this tour has been a long time coming. Despite being in the game for nearly 20 years, Taylor Swift continues to reinvent herself tapping into new channels of creativity and producing banger after banger. A similar thing can be said about the craft brewery scene in Minnesota. So grab a glass with me and let’s toast to Taylor as we journey through the land of 10,000 lakes. 

Red (Taylor’s Version)

Lift Bridge Brewery | Stillwater, MN


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Taylor Swift is known for her ability to write a bridge that will either leave you belting out the lyrics or sobbing in a puddle of tears. Somehow achieving both is the iconic bridge in “All Too Well.” To honor the mastermind bridge builder herself, how can I not pick a brewery with “bridge” literally in its name. Lift Bridge Brewery, with its charming taprooms, not only offers delicious beer but also an authentic Midwestern experience. And as a brewery that encourages us to embrace a slowed down pace, it’s a fitting choice to pair with the album featuring Taylor’s longest recorded song.


River Siren | Stillwater, MN.

Reading the “about section” of River Siren Brewing Co’s website feels like stepping into an enchanting story. Taylor Swift accomplishes something similar with her album Folklore. Unexpected in both its sound and release – she surprised fans by dropping it without warning in the middle of 2020 – this album builds a fascinating and mystical world. Unlike her previous albums centering around her own life, Taylor dives into love triangles of fictional characters in Folklore. She guides us through this imagined universe as if we were floating down the serene waters that flow right off the back patio at River Siren Brewing Co. The journey to both this brewery and this album is an unforgettable one, destined to be revisited time and time again.


Modist Brewing | Minneapolis, MN


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Taylor Swift may have been literally born in 1989, but it was her album 1989 where she was re-born from a country artist into a global pop sensation. She fearlessly (see what I did there) shattered expectations and defied conventions, much like Modist Brewing in Minneapolis. This brewery boldly embraces experimentation, pushing boundaries beyond traditional beer styles and brewing techniques. Just as Taylor blazes her own trail, Modist Brewing is paving the way in beer innovation. Both refuse to follow in anyone’s footsteps and instead lead us somewhere beyond our wildest dreams.


Surly Brewing Co. | Minneapolis, MN


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Admittedly, Reputation is my favorite Taylor Swift album. And it’s not just because it’s the only album to mention “beer” in one of the lyrics. After 2 years removed from the spotlight, many believed an ongoing feud with a certain individual I won’t name here marked the end of her career. Branded as a snake, she took control of the twisty narrative by releasing Reputation. The unwavering determination to rise above is similar to the story of Surly Brewing Company. Prior to 2011, Minnesota enforced a law prohibiting production breweries from selling their beer directly to consumers. Surly, however, tirelessly led efforts to challenge this way of thinking – which ultimately paved the way for the MN craft brewery scene to flourish. Surly Brewing Co and Taylor Swift prove nothing can stop them from making great beer and great music.


Urban Growler | Minneapolis, MN

Fresh off of the painful personal struggles that inspired Reputation, Taylor Swift reminds us of the joy and bliss of being in love through her album Lover. And speaking of celebrating love, her single “You Need to Calm Down” and its vibrant music video embrace the LGBTQIA+ community by clearly showing that love knows no boundaries and encouraging the haters to pipe down. A similar celebration of love – and beer – takes place at Urban Growler, Minnesota’s first woman-owned brewery. Despite facing numerous obstacles (Alexa, play “The Man ” by Taylor Swift) – the resilient married co-owners are successfully uniting people over their delicious brews. You’ll want to visit this taproom and the message of “You Need to Calm Down” all year round.


Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative | Minneapolis, MN

Although Reputation is the king of my heart, these days I find myself listening to Midnights on repeat. Reliving sleepless nights, Taylor sings about what’s keeping her up – from self-loathing (I’m the problem it’s me) – to falling in love. This album creates a dreamlike experience while also feeling like being invited to a party hosted by Taylor herself. Speaking of being invited to a party, Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative is a unique establishment run entirely by its members, fostering a profound Swiftie-like community. Time becomes irrelevant inside Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative, just as it does in the ear-candy melodies of Midnights. Each beer – like each track on Midnights – is thoughtfully selected. And here’s a final homage to the queen herself: the cooperative boasts an impressive 1,300 members. Nice!

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