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Two Roads Brewing Co. | Worker’s Comp Saison

Two Roads Brewing Co. | Worker’s Comp Saison
Carly Mento


ABV: 4.8%

The beauty of living on a landmass between the Hudson River, Long Island Sound, and Lower Bay, is that on the other side of those bodies of water lay “exotic” territory — reachable by a ferry ride, short bridge-way, or path train. Coming from our dear friend, the neighboring state of Connecticut, Two Roads Worker’s Comp Saison has traveled from the back of a loading truck, into my refrigerator, and cooled down my end-of-summer heart.

With ingredients like passion fruit, pineapple, mango, and lychee, this beer offers a mouthful of fruitiness and flavor. Balancing the sweet tang on your tongue is a punch of spiciness, introduced by the use of clove and white pepper. Two Roads Brewing Company describes their saison as “a traditional farmhouse ale”, as they have mimicked a farmhouse style of brewing in the process. I would also agree that their “expressive yeast strain” has allowed for a multiplex of depth within the golden toned liquid. As your nose could imagine, the aromatics bottled into twelve-ounces are sweeter than a worker bee’s honey. I probably spent more time wafting it’s scent into open air than guzzling down this deliciously bodied brewski.

Typically, I like to spend the warmer months of the year drinking seasonal favorites or limited-time-only taps. I am quite rueful to admit that the saison (spoken in French accent) is not a brew often found comforting my palm on a soft, breezy, night in the early weeks of September. This month, however — watch out! I’m making changes, going wild, and giving no excuses! If you’re like me, and denial accompanies the days where the balmy sunshine is gradually replaced by crisp gusts of wind, Two Roads Saion can take you right back to the tropics you’re dreaming of.

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