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Roundtable Discussion | Saturday Morning Cartoons


This weekend marked the first time in 50 years that there are no longer Saturday morning cartoons on the major TV networks. In honor of those foregone glory days, we asked the PorchDrinking staffers, “what were your favorite Saturday morning cartoons?”

Katelyn Pelak

I was a huge, huge fan of Recess!

Cory Pelc

Animaniacs, Beetlejuice, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Cryptkeeper, Darkwing Duck, Skeleton Warriors, and TMNT.

Stacey Goers

I’m definitely of the Saved by the Bell generation.

Chelsea Mitchell

I loved Doug, Pepper Ann, and Recess. There are plenty of other cartoons I was obsessed with but those were my Saturday Morning go-to’s. I believe they were all part of the ‘One Saturday Morning’ routine

Marie DeAeth

Probably aging myself here but, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Jem and the Rockers, Doug, Anamaniacs, and of course, X-men.

Brady Akers

Doug, Inspector Gadget and Animaniacs were all awesome. Pinky and the Brain was a great addition. GI Joe was amazing too (now you know…and knowing is half the battle!) Another good one was Dinowars. Can we please stock up on sugary cereal and milk then binge all day?

Kevin Risner

In my much younger years: Peewees Playhouse, Garfield, TMNT. Later on, my favorite by far was Animaniacs.

Tristan Chan

One Saturday Morning’ was the best! I was also big into X-men, Heathcliff the Cat, TMNT, Recess, the short lived Mighty Ducks cartoon

Cory Pelc


Laura Mego

The COWBoys of Moo Mesa! Great, now I want Oreo Os and Dunkaroos

Jess Baker

I’m also of the SBTB cult. Still can’t resist that Zack Morris!

Lindsay Krumel

I have to agree with Chelsea & TChan, ‘One Saturday Morning’ was the shit! Doug, Pepper Ann, Recess…it doesn’t get much better than that!



Sarah Hargis

Animaniacs, inspector gadget (my cat is named Dr Claw after that show), Punky Brewster (the live one was better), Duck Tales…

Niel Stender

Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats HOOOOOO!!!

Lauren Hoff

Doug, Recess, Tail Spin, duck tales and whatever one has the “gummy bears” that lived in underground houses

Laura Graham

I watched the New Kids on the Block cartoon religiously. Yeah, it existed. On ABC. I had their thermos and lunch box too..

Chris Day

Everybody’s listing cool cartoons that we all love, but I’m not embarrassed to admit I watched Winnie the Poo and Captain Planet!

Kate Stark

I’m with Chris and Lauren Hoff… Gummy Bears, Captain Planet, Winner the Pooh, David the Gnome, and hey, why hasn’t anyone said Scooby Doo yet?! Scrappy was awful, but Scoob was the best.

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