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Roundtable Discussion | Spookiest Memory from Halloweens Past

Roundtable Discussion | Spookiest Memory from Halloweens Past

Who needs a haunted house? Our PorchDrinking staff prepares to get spooked by remembering some of their scariest memories from Halloweens past.


Niel Stender

Watching The People Under The Stairs. That shit is freaky.

Stacey Goers

Drunk 20-somethings crawling around every bar in downtown DC. It is a “memory” that keeps on happening!

Christopher Day

A woman dressed as a lion who tried to box me on South Broadway.

Katelyn Pelak

Truth or Dare in 7th grade. 13 year olds are strange.

Tristan Chan

Back in 2010 after I first moved to CO, we visited the Stanley Hotel, which is where Stephen King wrote “The Shining.” There was definitely some supernatural activity happening there. We went up to the 3rd floor and the static electricity was so palpable that we’d shock each other from an inch away. I am very much afraid of them ghosts.

Scott Hoffman

My friends and I tried to recreate Blair Witch Project at an abandoned house in the suburbs of Chicago back in 1999. It didn’t work out so well. I briefly was trapped in the cellar of what was basically a murder shack.

Joshua Kan

When I was a kid I got scared when watching Garfield’s Halloween Adventure. Hahaha… the Thriller music video scared me as well… still kinda does… oh, Vincent Price.

Cory Pelc

I remember going on a Haunted Halloween Riverwalk when I was about five and the sun was going down and it was really dark in certain bends in the trail. At one bend, the Gillman from ‘Monster Squad’/’Creature From the Black Lagoon’ reached up and grabbed my little five-year-old ankle (that was when you could still grab people in haunted houses and the like). Never been the same since. *shudders near dark bends in trails now*

Laura Nicole

We were great friends with our next door neighbors growing up and they had an awesome playhouse in their backyard that we used to have sleepovers in (basically started out in sleeping bags outside, but when we got too cold and/or scared, we’d sneak into their house and sleep in the living room. Of course, our parents knew we would get creeped out halfway through the night so they always left the back door unlocked for us to come in.) The playhouse was in the back of the yard, which was pretty dark so we got spooked pretty easily. One sleepover, around Halloween, their dad decided to use the devil mask that he’d bought for Halloween to scare us. He put on the mask, and scratched very lightly on the outside of the playhouse. We of course freaked out, and chattered nervously back and forth. Then, he snuck around to the other side of the playhouse and scratched again. More 7-10 year old panic. Then, he slowly went to the back window of the playhouse and raised his devil-masked head into view. We all jumped up and ran into the house faster than Usain Bolt.

Erin Russell

I was probably about 9 or 10. This house in Lexington used to dig up their front yard and do a giant haunted house – people crawling out of the ground, chainsaws, a doctor eating the guts out of his patient. It was a nightmare for a kid my age and a complete scaredy cat. I REFUSED to leave the car, while my parents and the rest of the kids went out to take in the sights. Well, my parents thought it would be SO FUNNY to give the guy in the ski mask with the chainsaw the car keys (these are the van keys that allow you to open and close the sliding doors with a button). Imagine my horror when I locked the doors to the van only to have the somehow fly open and the guy with the chainsaw completely traumatize me. I was not a happy camper.

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