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Roundtable Discussion | Snow Day

Roundtable Discussion | Snow Day
Kate Stark

With the weather hitting the Northeast this week, we asked our staff members what they would do on their snow day.



Brady Akers

I’d love to start the day bright and early around 10:30/11am then get ready to go sledding. Bring a bag of craft beer with me because you don’t need a cooler when you can just put them in snow. Then when I’m thoroughly frozen after a couple hours, head home for some chili and Netflix.

Scott Hoffman

Snow angels. Everywhere.

Christopher Day

Netflix. Big beers. No pants.

Stacey Goers

Sleep in, but not too much. Do some yoga. Have some coffee and finish the entire pot. Watch the weather channel. Take the dog out for a frolic in the snow. Watch more weather channel. Maybe (maybe) put on real clothes and walk to the nearby bar, but otherwise, some day-drinking and something delicious for dinner that takes all day to cook.

Brady Akers

How could I forget to drop the pants after sledding? That’s a necessity.

Laura Mego

House of Cards marathon on Netflix.

Marie DeAeth

Sopranos marathon!!!

Kezia Ibarra

Catch up on my writing all whilst enjoying some brews.

Colin Clancy

Snow Day = Powder Day. Lots of skiing followed by beers and barbecuing in the ski hill parking lot.

Cory Pelc

Deadwood marathon and barrel aged beers. And beef jerky.

Kevin RIsner

Carbon copying most of the above: any sort of TV/movie marathon with chili and a variety of libations.

Katelyn Pelak

Brunch brunch brunch. With mimosas and/or irish coffee. Then I may try to sled down the big hill near my house on a cookie sheet or something.

Lindsay Krumel

Build a fire and create a blanket fort to chill in all day.

Carly Mento

Kegs and eggs to start followed by adventuring out in the snow— which can certainly include snowball fights and snow angels, or stopping into an open pub— and some QT in my room with a good flick and homemade dinner.

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  1. If you were true Coloradans, you wouldn’t know the real meaning of a snowday! It’s just another day where we go to work/school where the wimpier people don’t! 😉

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