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PorchDrinking’s Weekly Denver Beer Beat

Denver Beer Beat

So, you will see this post each week still, reminding you to check out the events calendar where you can see all of the events on a clean calendar where you can search by a few different filters. And on those big weeks, you can even export the calendar to Google Calendar or iCal! How cool is that?!

The weekly PorchDrinking Denver Beer Beat sheds light on news of openings, special tappings, firkins and one-off batches, bottle releases, dinners, pairings, anniversaries, tap takeovers etc. each and every week.

Are you native to the city and looking for events to tide you over for the week? Or are you new to the city and just looking for the best place to find tasty suds and get uncled? Visiting and looking for events to hit while you are in town? Check out this week’s Denver Beer Beat and return each week to find out where all things #craftbeer are happening in the Denver Metro Area.

Holy crawfish boil, ya’ll! So, it’s raining buckets and buckets over here in Denver but that isn’t stopping the Mile High breweries from hosting more crawfish boils than I have fingers on my good drinking hand. Seriously. These folks over here are REALLY looking forward to crawfish season. And maybe all of that rain is helping hasten the mud bug grillathon. We say, bring it on.

crawfish boil

Plus, there are some anniversaries coming up this month and some special tappings coming up (eh, hem – – Hops and Pie are tapping consecration AND Pliny the Elder today at 11:30am.) Get with the program folks; living in Denver means making some serious drinking choices. These events and many more coming up with American Craft Beer Week on the horizon next week.

Here are all of your favorite events for Wednesday, May 6th through Tuesday, May 12th on our calendar.

We hope this makes things easier for planning out future events and consolidating information. Please let us know what you think by dropping us a line in the comments or shooting Cory an email.

Did we miss any events in this week’s Denver Beer Beat? Let us know by emailing us at
Cory {at} PorchDrinking {dot} com.
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Cheers to ye and may eternity find us in as good company as this! Stay Thirsty and Keep Denver Beer’d!

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