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Roundtable Discussion | What beer are you?

Roundtable Discussion | What beer are you?
Amber Dunlap

We talk about beer a lot on this site but what if you were one, a beer that is. What beer would you be? The PorchDrinking team had no trouble selecting their beer counterpart. I think you’ll really get to know the team on a whole new level after this discussion. You can finally put a beer to a face…or something like that…Enjoy!

Josh Ritenour

Gose: Salty, sour and you can’t get enough of me!


Philip Joyce

Lou Pepe Kriek. Because it’s delicious and because it’s red… and I proudly rock the red errrday.


Desiree Duzich

Probably a Fat Tire. Because I’m fat and I’m tired! 😉 Haha just kidding. For real though, I would be a Dry-Hopped Cascadian IPA because it’s: 1. Dry – which is a huge reason I moved to Colorado, 2. It reminds me of being outdoors – the blend of spice and roasted hop aromas and flavors, and 3. It’s unique – I’d like to believe I’m the only Desiree like me out there! Cheers!

Kyle Buchanan

Tweak – because is it simply awesome and a little crazy!!

Jess Baker

Pretty sure I’d be a Quad. Full of layers, deep, drives you a little crazy but you love them anyway. (That’s what Josh just said…)

Josh Ritenour

^ #batshit

Cory Pelc

Jester King – Viking Metal – This rendition of Gotlandsdricka—an ancient Swedish farmhouse ale that was once the beer of Vikings—was brewed with birchwood smoked malt (smoked in house), juniper and Myrica gale, then aged in Old Tom gin barrel for several months with wild yeast and souring bacteria. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and naturally conditioned. I too come unfiltered (read: cursing) unpasteurized (I haven’t seen a pasture in years) and naturally conditioned (I do not have a workout plan other than drinking ale and rowing my way to work on my viking boat).


Tristan Chan

Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milkstout
1) I don’t take myself too seriously
2) We both kinda fly under the radar but can surprise people
3) I belch a WHOLE lot especially around beer



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