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Roundtable Discussion | Fire Back at Bud

Roundtable Discussion | Fire Back at Bud

We try to keep things pretty positive around here. We love the friendship and camaraderie that is a hallmark of the craft brewing community. We want to lift people up for their strengths, applaud their efforts, and rejoice in the great unifier that is beer. That is, until things get hostile.

Budweiser fired another shot at craft beer this week with the following tweet.

We’re not taking it sitting down. We think our captions are a more accurate depiction of what happens when someone walks in with a case of Bud Heavy.

Bud Watermelon Wheat Tweet

Danny King

Budweiser, beer of choice when the keg runs dry and 2/3 of your party is underage. #removenofromyourvocab

Brady Akers

Not everyone understands the irony of drinking from a Belgian-owned beer from an American flag bottle #dontthinkjustdrink

Kate Stark


Chris Hollands

How to keep people away from the good stuff! #hiddentreasures

Chris Day

*fist bumps Brady*

John Pylant

Brady, it’s not Belgian, it’s Brazilian. Small Brazilian firm bought the Belgian firm before using their funds in a hostile take over of of A&B. ‘MERICA, South ‘Merica that is.
“Budweiser, putting the ‘no’ back into your vocabulary!” [see what I did there?! It’s BOGO night at the improv!]

Tristan Chan

AB: Too tone deaf to give a shit #upforwhatever

Chris Day


Tristan Chan

Nobody cheers for the guy who pays to have a squad then burns everyone in it. “Thanks for the craft bands… ya dicks.”

Chris Day

Hey, at least we haven’t released a racist ad this year. #BabySteps

Cory Pelc

#overallsareover said no Bud Drinker ever.

Chris Day

“I had just split with my wife and had been drinking that day from 8am until I was arrested at about 11pm. I was very drunk and had been drinking Budweiser and Aftershocks all day.” #RealCustomerQuotes

Katelyn Pelak

Nobody cheers for the willfully ignorant. #ThisBudsforYou

Jess Baker

Then you’re going to the wrong parties, Bud. Guess no one invites you to the better ones…

Kezia Ibarra


Chris Day


Mike Wronski

Showing up to a party with Budweiser is the equivalent of showing up to a wedding in a tuxedo t-shirt and jeans. #ThisBudsForThoseWillingToPutForthTheMinimumEffort

Tristan Chan

“Enjoy the number of fucks we give about our marketing department’s decisions”

Josh Ritenour

“That’s cute. I remember when I had my first beer.” – Nighthawk

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