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The Ultimate Brewery Road Trip Mapped by Algorithm

ultimate brewery road trip map

What happens when nerdy beer fans (not to be confused with mere beer nerds) get bored? They use their penchant for analyzing data, using algorithms, and mapping results toward the greater good. The folks over at have done just that by taking’s top 100 breweries in the world, distilling those results down to just the 70 some U.S. breweries and taking a google algorithm to map the ultimate brewery road trip.

ultimate brewery road trip map

Their results omitted the likes of Anchorage Brewing sadly because well… Alaska, as well as Evil Twin due to it being a gypsy brewery and The Alchemist & Clown Shoes because they’re both closed to the public (though I assume Gabe could probably offer other reasons for Clown Shoes’ omission).

ultimate brewery road trip list

The result is an optimized route leading you to 70 breweries, over 197 hours of drive time, traversing 12,299 miles of open road, passing through 40 states and stopping in 28 of them. However as an understatement we’d recommend a designated driver.

While this is all hypothetical and its stops are comprised off of RateBeer’s rankings, which we really don’t tend to reference, the results are still pretty neat. It also makes us wonder if our friends over at The Roaming Pint might consider trying to actually complete this route for their next tour of the contiguous U.S. What say you, Brian? Wanna take us along for a ride?

What breweries would you want to include in your customized version of this road trip? Share yours in the comment section below!

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