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2016 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

2016 Presidential Debate Drinking Game
Hannah Carlson

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Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past six months, you’re well aware that this has been the most absurd, controversial, heated and passionate election cycle that this country has ever seen. In recent months, the country has heard about Donald Trump’s, er, hand size, exhausted the topic of Hillary Clinton’s inbox, and experienced major deja vu at the Republican National Convention. I would say that it has been a roller coaster of a season, but the comparison does not do justice to the madness.

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Needless to say, all eyes will no doubt be in our nominees this evening, as they take the aggression to the debate floor. And if you’re anything like me, you know that there is only one way to get through the programming without screaming at the television, defriending Facebook friends, or booking a one way ticket to Canada: Make a drinking game out of it.

Without further ado, here are some rules that will make tonight tolerable – if not perhaps a bit enjoyable.

Every time Hillary Clinton’s email is mentioned, take one.

Oh – and check your inbox, too – while you’re thinking about it.

Every time Vladimir Putin is mentioned, give one.

It has been no secret that this one and the Donald have a certain admiration for one another – so hand this drink out to a friend.

Any time Donald Trump says ‘yuge’, take (a big) one.

Time for a big gulp.

If Donald Trump brings up the size of his… hands, take a shot.

Not sure if lightning can strike twice, but if it can, it’s worthy of a shot.

Any time Bernie Sanders is mentioned, pour a little out.

For those of you that are still feeling that Bern, this is for you.

Any time Donald Trump references the wall, give two.

One for Mexico, and one for us, obviously.

Every time the crowd boos a candidate, finish your drink.

And roll your eyes either before or after the chug, if you’re feeling wild.

Any time Hillary Clinton is referred to as ‘Crooked Hillary’, take one.

And if the moderator get’s uncomfortable with the name calling, take another mini one.

When Hillary Clinton mentions her ‘good friend’ Barack Obama, give one.

To your closest friend in the room, obviously.

Every time Donald Trump mentions how rich he is, finish your drink.

Because you can afford another one, can’t you?

Every time you’re embarrassed for the country, take one.

Because no matter what side you’re on, you’re likely feeling this way.

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