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Ursula Brewery | Imperial Crustless: Just the Way Mom Made It

Ursula Brewery | Imperial Crustless: Just the Way Mom Made It

Ursula Brewery in Aurora, Colorado released “PB&J Porter” last year in March, then it won a gold medal at the Colorado State Fair, so they re-brewed it and called it “Crustless”. Skip to October, Imperial Crustless was brewed, they sold some shirts, glasses, lunch boxes, and a little PB&J sandwich as a garnish.

People lost their damn minds.

This meant that the only way to top it would be to barrel age some Imperial Crustless in a whiskey barrel… so they did. BA Crustless was released in April to a line of eager fans selling out in just hours. Imagine BA Imperial Crustless as everything I am about to say, with booze, vanilla, and oak from the barrel. It’s incredible.

That is why, when it was my turn to showcase any beer of my choosing, I threw my last Imperial Crustless into the fridge from my cellar.

Verdict: It’s still perfect.

Imperial Crustless is what every peanut butter lover wants out of a beer. It pours thick with a full, creamy, tan head that quickly dissipates, leaving a black viscous layer of bubbles escaping the glass. After six months of aging, the aroma is still a punch of peanut butter. When it was released, the peanut butter aroma was also backed up with jammy raspberry jelly, that has faded now, but the fruit notes are still there if you look.

After letting the beer settle for a bit, I took my first sip. Imperial Crustless is a rush of pure chocolate and peanut butter; thick, dry, and chewy. The beer coats your mouth. The bold flavors of dark chocolate and rich peanut butter are fantastic, almost like leaving a Reese’s cup on your tongue to melt. The high alcohol is also beautifully hidden in the flavor, making this a dangerous beer that’s easy to drink. The finishing notes of peanut butter linger after each sip, sticking to the inside of your mouth and coating your throat. While the original base beer was a porter, the imperial version is much thicker, closer to what I would consider a stout.

If you are lucky enough to still have a bottle in your fridge, I suggest opening it now. If not, regular Crustless is currently available on shelves.

If you didn’t to buy a bottle last year, you’ll just have to wait until October for the next release of Imperial Crustless. Try not to be too jelly until then.

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