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The Weekly Buzz | May 12-18

Weekly Buzz

Hello, everyone! Your fearless leader for the Weekly Buzz, Dan Bortz, is on vacation so I have been tasked with bringing you the very best of the week’s highlights! This week was a big week in the craft beer world. Why you ask? Well, it’s American Craft Beer Week, of course. (Yeah, you probably already knew that.)

From May 15th – 21st, all 50 states will be holding events including exclusive brewery tours, special beer releases, beer and food pairings, tap takeovers and more to celebrate everything you love about America’s ever advancing beer culture. You know what else is as important as craft beer week? Puppies. That’s right, cuteness and craft goodness. The bare necessities of life. Is this going to be the best news recap you’ve read all week? You betcha’. Let’s get started!

Belle looks like she’s done for the week.


How do you Friday?

Well if Gary the Corgi approves, I’m cool with it, too.


Even the Governor enjoys a good craft beer challenge…


Say ‘No’ to that face. Just try.

Typical Saturday


Happy Mother’s Day! Way to go, Mom.


Nothing says ” I love you, Mom” like a half-price beer flight


I don’t know what a Tunnel Bear is, but it sounds dangerous. I want it.


Best Friend Material


That cup screams ‘Murica!


Did all of his friends go to the bathroom at the same time?


If you haven’t been, Burley Oak is fantastic!


You think he’s smiling for you? He’s not. He’s a Golden Retriever. He’s definitely looking at that beer.


I want to rest on a tsunami of coconut milk…


I don’t know what I like more: The #biketowork concept, the fact they get to bike to work in Portland, ME or the fact this post is 8-bit


Now THAT is coordination!


Chokecherry. It’s actually tastier than it sounds.




It’s like getting your friends to take a photo after a few drinks. There is always that one friend not looking…


You can never go wrong when whiskey barrels absorb all of the goodness. By the way, this picture is fantastic.


Can someone please make these cupcakes for my birthday??


Is no one acknowledging that the beer is half gone? Looks like someone has been indulging…


Does every person have a corresponding emoji??


I’m like this with soft pretzels, too.



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